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Girls in Recovery

My Journey by Tracy Jo from Serenity House

I really need this burden lifted

Through these ashes I‘ve already sifted

Every bridge already burnt,

So many others still really concerned

Much needed relief is seen near to grasp

Trying to move forward letting go of my past

To be comforted is greatly needed

A reality hits me knowing my journey was damn near completed.

Breaking old habits is nothing more than complicated

Good behaviors from bad are still being separated

My confidence is growing with evidence slightly showing

Needed still a lot more work, even now styling a smirk

A break shines through with still more to do

My happiness begins clear and just for a moment

My sadness will disappear

Holding the truth for this life long battle

Expecting the fact I just begun to climb back

Even getting help I began to realize

The person you see is no longer in disguise.

Today my life I completely take back

Getting it together, I hope to keep it on track.

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