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A Note From Mal

Dear Sisters,

Mal Duane

Are you sick and tired of waking up paralyzed by guilt or dread over past mistakes, fearful of how you will get through the day, and suffocating with anxiety over tomorrow? If the answer is yes, please know that I have a sense of how you feel because I have been in that very place myself. In fact, this is why I have written this book: to let you know that you are not alone and that there are other possibilities for you. While there are many books currently written about “getting” what you want, Alpha Chick: Five Steps to Passion, Purpose & Personal Power is about “becoming” the person you were meant to be—living the life filled with love, honesty, and self-worth that you are meant to experience.

So what is an “Alpha Chick,” you may wonder? An Alpha Chick is a spiritual being who has worked to deepen her connection with and faith in the Divine Presence within in order to meet life’s challenges with purpose and strength. She is empowered to live a joyful life at her true and fullest potential. I thought of the term Alpha Chick several years ago as an appropriate way to describe my four closest friends. We all had experienced dark times in our lives and pushed through them to live with purpose and passion. We were fulfilled and happy with ourselves, and our lives were rich and joyful.

I am telling my painful personal story in this book so you will know that I am similar to you—the symbolic girl next door. My story is a woman’s story. I am just an ordinary woman, not a movie star and not fabulously wealthy. I am considered intelligent but certainly no genius, and my formal education was limited, as I left college in my first year. You and I may share many of the experiences that I reveal in this book; some of them we may have been too ashamed to reveal to anyone else. Yet I put my story on paper so you can see for yourself how I survived. And not only have I survived, I now have the most exquisite life and I am married to the man of my dreams. I am an ordinary woman living an extraordinary life.

When you read part 1 of this book, you will see how I was able to overcome troubling and painful “issues” and humiliating experiences. Today I live a life very different from the one described in those years. I am sober. I have fulfilling and meaningful relationships with my family and friends and a successful career. I run a multi-million-dollar real estate business I love. I make a concerted effort to take impeccable care of myself mentally and physically, and I am told I look great, much younger than my age.

As you read my story, you may ask yourself, “How did she do that?” Part 2 describes specific practices you can follow to transform your life like I did. No matter what has happened to you or what you have done, you too can become an Alpha Chick.

My journey has taken me to an awakened and higher level of consciousness. On the way, I discovered a life-changing process that consists of five steps, which I call the Alpha Chick process. When I deliberately repeated these steps over and over, my life turned around. This process literally saved me, and today I still utilize these same steps. The purpose of this book is to give you this process in detail so that you may use it in your own lives. I will also tell you a little bit about other Alpha Chicks who inspired and supported me along the way. Hopefully, reading about them will give you ideas about what you can look forward to as you become an Alpha Chick yourself.

The steps outlined in the second part of the book will show you how to recapture the self-love, faith, and hope you need to create a new vision for an exceptional life filled with well-being. Great teachers whose works I have read have influenced many of the ideas the steps contain, and I share some of their wisdom throughout. With repetition over time, the steps will lead you to a simple yet powerful spiritual practice of aligning yourself with the Divine Presence within you, whatever you call it or whatever this means to you. I sincerely hope this book will bring you all the strength and courage you need to allow you to change your life and the infinite wisdom to venture on the path to your own personal awakening.

-Mal Duane