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The Greatest Gifts You Can Give YOURSELF this Holiday Season!

The Holiday Season is in full swing!  That can be a really good thing or totally shitty depending on where you are.  Some of us are alone (single, divorced, widowed) during this time year but it doesn’t need to be a bad thing. I have spent the last three holiday seasons on my own and [Read More…]

I Was a Cougar THREE Times Last Week!

I am not saying I did anything that would land my ass in jail. But I did have so much fun- even if it was mostly in my own mind. I can’t deny it puts a smile on my face to see a younger man admiring me. Truthfully ladies-you know you love it too! My [Read More…]

Real Women Share How to Have It All

I recently met a super cool new friend who thinks just like me and I want you to meet her too. Her name is Carolina, and she is an expert in helping women create Extraordinary Lives. As a woman with big dreams and desires, Carolina has challenged herself to have it all: a successful career [Read More…]


Good morning beautiful! Whatever you resist, persists. – Have you ever heard this saying? It means whatever you are trying to push away or deny, is gonna show up somehow. An example of this is with emotional eating. A friend of mine kept latching on to this phrase for some reason, always telling herself, I [Read More…]

Is beauty an illusion?

Is beauty an illusion? I love the description the IPhone dictionary has for illusion. It says it is an erroneous mental representation or the act of deluding. Have you looked in any magazines lately of images of women appearing in ads or fashion layouts? Do they look authentic to you? And yet you are supposed [Read More…]

Graduating From a Life of Resistance to a Life of Acceptance

I realized yesterday that my life is really a series of graduations from different phases of self-expression. Simply put, the first half of my life was all about resistance to “what is” and living my life blinded by my own beliefs. Then I graduated to a life of acceptance: living with “what is” and understanding [Read More…]