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Who is running the show? Me or mini-me!

If you missed it last week, my new book “Choosing Happiness” which is an anthology with an amazing group of women hit NO 1 on five different lists on Amazon. We even out performed ”Ruby” which is Oprah’s top pick this month and Tony Robbin’s new book. It was such an exciting day watching this [Read More…]

My Biggest Gift this Year.

2014 has presented me with some of my greatest challenges. These painful and disruptive experiences, which I call lessons from earth school have inspired me to reach a new level of personal growth and self-reflection. I must admit there were times that I didn’t feel like being compassionate and forgiving of unacceptable behavior. I wanted [Read More…]

A Tug of War Always Takes Two!

Yesterday I was puttering around my home and starting to take out some Christmas decorations when someone I love called me with a request. Immediately I knew it wasn’t really a request but more of an emotional confrontation. I could feel the pull on the imaginary rope in my hands. My body started to bend [Read More…]

Willingness + Honesty = Recovery

What is it that causes women to relapse even after they have started discovering the gifts of sobriety, rebuilding their lives, and regaining a lot of what they lost in their addiction?  Is it despair?  Is it lack of faith? Is it simply reverting back to familiar bad behavior because it is easier?  Perhaps they [Read More…]

Initiative = Accomplishment: Everything Starts Within Us

Why do you spend so much time blaming other people or situations for your own misfortunes?  I guess it might be easier to pin the tail on another donkey! Maybe it is time to be accountable, even if for only yourself. You have the ability to do, and to choose as you please.  All your [Read More…]