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Courage – My Favorite Word to Describe What I Do!

I was having a conversation with Sonja, my TEDx buddy about key words to describe what we do in our work with clients. Her word was connection. She teaches her clients communications. At first I thought my word was inspire but then it hit me, it’s COURAGE. I think of myself as a midlife transition [Read More…]

Start your Day Right with a Morning Practice

Wouldn’t it be great to start the day feeling peaceful, focused, and inspired? Every day I start my morning feeling centered and at peace.  My secret is having a morning practice.  Having a daily set of rituals helps you feel grounded in your body, mind, and soul.  Taking time to renew helps you be more [Read More…]

Resolutions or Intentions? Don’t set yourself up for failure!

Every New Year we set resolutions to diet, to stop a bad behavior, break up with a jerk boyfriend or some other action we think is necessary to be successful or happy. But wait a minute; three days into the New Year, the resolutions get kicked to the curb. What’s with that? Why do we [Read More…]

Praise and Celebrate Life

The more you praise and celebrate life, the more there is in life to celebrate.  -Oprah Winfrey    In light of Oprah’s show coming to an end this week, I felt it appropriate to use a quote by this magnificent woman. I personally cannot think of another woman who overcame so much in their personal [Read More…]

Planting Seeds in the Garden of My Creation

Transformation I am sitting this morning watching the snow and thinking about all the things I hope to accomplish this coming year. I love writing a vision statement for a new year, setting my intentions and painting a picture in my mind of what it will look like. This past week I reviewed my Gratitude [Read More…]