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How to Shut Down the Inner Struggle

Do you wake up some days with two conversations going on in your head? You toss and turn, there is a tug of war going on about deciding what to do. One voice says, “stay where you are”, “don’t do anything”, “watch out”, “you can’t do this” which is the limiting voice of the ego [Read More…]

Remembering Loved Ones

It was Memorial Day this past weekend and everywhere you looked or read there were posts about remembering our service men and women who gave their lives for their country. What mixed emotions for their families. They are so proud of their sacrifice and yet still feel the pain of their loss. There is also remembering those [Read More…]

Start your Day Right with a Morning Practice

Wouldn’t it be great to start the day feeling peaceful, focused, and inspired? Every day I start my morning feeling centered and at peace.  My secret is having a morning practice.  Having a daily set of rituals helps you feel grounded in your body, mind, and soul.  Taking time to renew helps you be more [Read More…]

Consistency means “Adhering to Principles”

In Alpha Chick, my mission is to help you discover your path to purpose and power. One of the steps on the path involves establishing new principles in your life. Principles are like pillars; they create support and a solid foundation for your life. Once you have taken the time to establish new principles in your life [Read More…]

The Power of Meditation

People always ask me how something can have power when you are just sitting for a period of time doing nothing. The power that I speak of is not the kind that lifts twenty pound weights. I am speaking of the internal power that you are born with but are never taught to discover. This [Read More…]

Energy of God – The Gift of Soul Notes

How amazing is that, to feel and hold that. Now you doubt? That energy is your souls source. The word you select is no mistake. You will begin to feel this more often. You can do it anytime you need to. We recognize your need for success. Trust me it is being managed, oh indeed [Read More…]

Release – The Gift of Soul Notes

Release Why persist on fearful thinking, it does not serve you. You have many practices to strengthen you. My light is like the candle before you. It will always be there. You just need to see it. Look at your beautiful surroundings. They are everything you could want. Listen to your little dog, he is [Read More…]