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The Gift of Soul Notes – Be Thankful

Know that you come to me. You are surrounded by a light which you do not see. This light touches others. Teach them my message to be thankful for what they have. Gratitude is the key to recovery at this time. Everyone you work with is being blessed. You are teaching them values. I am [Read More…]

Admired – The Gift of Soul Notes

This is a day to show your love for family and friends. You are loved and admired by many. Give thanks for all the love and support you have. Continue to do my work. This is your greatest reward. Alpha Chick is ready. Just go with the natural flow, no need to push! Live Faithfully [Read More…]

Nudges – The Gift of Soul Notes

You ask to see my face. Know that you can see it anytime. Just close your eyes for I am in your soul.  All your prayers are being answered. You just may not know it yet. Know that I am working very closely with you. I am giving you little nudges. Remember, I have all [Read More…]

Peace For You – The Gift of Soul Notes

You come to me with complete peace of mind today, no attachments. You have an inner knowledge that things are getting better. Go and do my work today, treat everyone with love. Have patience for those who are not as fortunate as you. Your Mom and Dad send their love.  Mal Duane is a Certified [Read More…]

Feeling Better – The Gift of Soul Notes

To feel better, come to me every day in prayer and reflection. Have faith in me and let go of the outcome as you teach. Have I ever let you down? Your ego mind weakens as we work together. Know that every day brings you closer to more business deals and closer to the completion [Read More…]

Appreciation – The Gift of Soul Notes

Today is a day of appreciation for you, look how far you have come in your practice. Many good things have happened this week for you. You understand that your soul comes to me. People are learning from this. Truth and values are being restore Live Faithfully Mal Duane  Mal Duane is a Certified Personal [Read More…]

Criticism – The Gift of Soul Notes

Show you care to everyone you work with or have in your life. People will respond well to people who care about them. When you feel depressed, fearful or angry, you are not connected to me. Just stop and take a few moments to reconnect. It is very simple and you have the ability. You [Read More…]

No Limitations – The Gift of Soul Notes

You are doing everything I ask of you and it pleases me. You are a good student, very committed and disciplined. I know you have been spreading my message. This will help people to recover. Doing my work is so much better that just doing your work. Mine has no limitations. Can you see the [Read More…]

Strength – The Gift of Soul Notes

I know you choose the strength of God in your prayer now remember that during the day. You have been given this strength, use it wisely, and help others to be strong. You must believe I am with you.  Your work is to teach women as well as uplift them. Show them humor in their mistakes [Read More…]

Appreciation and Gratitude – The Gift of Soul Notes

Think of then and now. How wonderful your life is today? Look around you and take it all in, every beautiful piece of it, what is missing? Who would you trade with when you think of others? No one. You, like many others have lost your sense of appreciation. When you lose appreciation you lose [Read More…]

Purification – The Gift of Soul Notes

You are going through a cleansing as my student/disciple. I know you have faith. You must learn patience. Nothing is instant, everything is being managed. Try writing today to see.  Go through your day knowing it is all in motion. Thank God.   Live Faithfully, Mal Duane Mal Duane is a Certified Personal Life and [Read More…]

Lesson – The Gift of Soul Notes

My lesson for today is to know that I am a child of God. I am chosen to do his work. Do not pay attention to external circumstances and everyone else’s fears. Try to comfort those who are frightened. Think about women who may need work. Maybe I could hire them? Live Faithfully, Mal Duane [Read More…]

Believe in Me – The Gift of Soul Notes

This is a simple lesson I am teaching you. It is really all you need to know. You have discovered the source of divine energy. What you experienced today shows you it is real. I know you became a little frightened. It is ok. You will get use to it. I want you to know [Read More…]

Creative Engergy – The Gift of Soul Notes

Do you feel the creative energy you asked for? You can have this anytime you want. Just connect with me, lean on me to help you with this. You have been told this before. Alpha Chick is a spiritual project. You have lessons to teach. To do this well “you” must be very clear. Could [Read More…]

Doubt – The Gift of Soul Notes

Have faith in me. Know that all your prayers have been heard. Any fear can be healed by recognizing your faith. Put your hand on your heart when you are in doubt. I realize you must feel good to make others feel good. Know that I am with you today. All will be well. Live [Read More…]

Greed – The Gift of Soul Notes

Believe in God, that is the only answer. Financially things got out of control worldwide. People were consumed with greed and did terrible things to one another for money. This is a universal correction, a slap on the hand you might say. Balance needs to be restored. Teaching people to have faith is the answer [Read More…]

Truly Blessed – The Gift of Soul Notes

How do you put on paper that you have truly connected with the light of God? You have experienced the energy and the vibration. Know that you will no longer feel fear. You will accomplish what you seek. You are now experiencing the greatest feeling of peace and love. It is so soothing. Know that [Read More…]

Faith – The Gift of Soul Notes

Maintain your faith in me. I will teach you everything you need to know. I will be your guide in these projects. What you ask for is at the tip of your nose, it is so close. Do not apologize for your fear, it is really doubt. I am your only source. Once you grasp [Read More…]

Today – The Gift of Soul Notes

Why not make today a great day. How easy is this? Just focus on me. You are a strong willed girl, you will ease your mind. Don’t struggle, you are here with me. Look at the beauty around you. God’s light is all over it. Accept fully that you are living in the light. What [Read More…]

I Want – The Gift of Soul Notes

It is good to recognize what you want and more fun too. What you feel is temporary so make it feel good. It is not selfish to think of what you want. It energizes you. You can write them all in a list, it is ok. Your studying is a good thing, it takes work [Read More…]

Allowing – The Gift of Soul Notes

Such a beautiful word. Allow God to do his work for you. Allow the good feelings to overrule the fear. You are challenged today but stick with me. There will always be negative energy but I will shield you. Keep your focus on me. I AM your true source. What you seek is simple if [Read More…]

Gratitude – The Gift of Soul Notes

Start your day with gratitude and the rest of your day will have great energy. I sense the little fear that you have about your business.. We will work together to fix this. Continue to do good work with care and compassion. Your reward will follow. Your progress is commendable. I am at your side [Read More…]

The Gift of Soul Notes – An Explanation

You have been seeing the posts of my “Gift of Soul Notes” for almost three weeks. These amazing messages are channeled to me through the voice of Spirit. Many days after my meditation I would receive these words and write them down just as they are given to me. At first I did not recognize [Read More…]

Progress – The Gift of Soul Notes

Progress is like a spiritual path. It requires determination and faith. You are confronted with choices, so make them wisely. It also requires patience which most people are not good at. Everyone wants instant gratification. As humans, you need to slow down. Divine power does not work quickly. It is a huge lesson to learn [Read More…]

Peace – The Gift of Soul Notes

Know that this is coming. Not just for you but many. What you do is for peace of mind and you shall have it. This is greater than money but also attracts it. Follow the path you are on. It will bring you much happiness and reward too. We keep giving you signs to strengthen [Read More…]