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Creative Imagination + Strong Faith = Deliberate Creation

 Why do we get so beaten down and hopeless that we can’t create what we want in our lives? I am here to tell you, maybe even while standing on a roof top shouting that we most certainly can. Like everything else in life, there is a formula. Once you have that the rest is easy.

You wouldn’t try to whip up a fabulous chili dinner without the ingredients or the recipe would you?Your life is no different. Once you have the ingredients and the recipe, it is time to go to work.

Creative Imagination is simply fueling that vision of yours with powerful, real images. Want a new house, start cutting out all the pictures in magazines of the ones you like. But don’t stop there. Make sure you grab kitchens and bathrooms, draperies and anything else you want to add. The more images you have the clearer the vision that is imprinted on your brain. How much fun is that?

You can even build one online on Pinterest. You can create as many boards as you like, your dream house, inspirational quotes on Faith, your dream guy, places you’d like to travel. Then you can visit it everyday and add new pins and reflect and pray for what you desire.

Everything I ever wanted in life I started with a picture, a very detailed, thought out picture. After I had my colorful detailed vision in place, I started to pour on the faith. Tons and tons of belief that I could get this, I deserved this and was going to wait for the Universe to deliver. Want to know what happened?

I got exactly what I ordered every time.  Usually a little better than what I initially imagined.

Faith is one of the strongest energies you can surround yourself with. This means on the worst of days-when you feel alone and face setbacks and mean people and think, Why even bother hoping for what I want in life? I’ll never get it-that you dig deep and encourage yourself to stay in belief. It will mean taking a deep breath and saying, the Universe/God is looking after me and I deserve to be happy. I’m going to stay in Faith, despite my feelings, and know that my dreams are on their way.

Three important keys to this whole process.

  1. Letting go of guilt. You might say to me Mal, who am I to want these nice things? After all, I have it better than most. No, you deserve what you want, not what you could or should be content with. The happier and more fulfilled you are, the more you will be able to help others achieve their dreams. Often times this guilt comes from society or an unsupportive family that has sought to keep us inside a box. No! Your dreams and desires come from something much larger and fulfilling them is a key to a much bigger vision. For example, wanting a nice home isn’t to ‘show off’, it can mean a deep desire for security and comfort. Wanting a nice car can mean you long for freedom and adventure.
  2. Vision boards aren’t all about “stuff.” You can create a board for Animals and put up pictures of rescue animals, if you want to start a Family you could put up pictures of nurseries. You can create a board called Peace and fill it with symbols and images that reflect this state of mind.
  3. Celebrate your victories!!! When something on your vision board comes true check it off, cross it out, and say thank you to the universe!! Maybe a health problem cleared up or you found an online course to get you closer to your dreams! Whatever “appears” show your gratitude.

Do you have a burning desire for something? Want some help creating the vision? Just let me know.  And check out my Pinterest page at

Live Faithfully,

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Mal Duane is a Best Selling Author and Personal Life and Recovery Coach who has overcome life challenges using the steps in the Alpha Chick Process. Her personal mission is to help women excel in all areas of their lives from business to personal relationships. Mal has been featured with Fox 25 Boston Morning Show, CBS Radio, Aspire Magazine, Healthy Living and Metrowest Daily News. She has also been a featured guest on over one hundred Blogtalk Radio shows discussing recovery and personal transformation.

Mal’s book, Alpha Chick, Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power, is a best selling book and is available on

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