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Discovering Your Higher Self – Interview with Janet Richmond

Hey Beautiful​

I hope your New Year is off to a strong start and you are manifesting what you are hoping for. But if you are feeling challenged than this video is for you.

I am so excited to share with you this extraordinary interview that I did with Janet Richmond about understanding our higher self and the collective energy field it creates. Janet has authored two books on this subject which you can find on Amazon (// ) and her highly popular radio show on Blog Talk Radio (//

Our Higher Self is the collective soul imprint from many life times. If it has collected negative experiences which have not been cleared, they continue to repeat a pattern in our current life time.

Janet shares how we are all being lead to a higher consciousness and practices we can use to clear the negativity from our energy field.

Have you ever affirmed something over and over again to yourself but nothing happens? The reason why is there is a different imprint in your energetic field. Once I understood this, I was all over it. On Janet’s website (, she has some great free resources to help you clear your negative energy. I personally downloaded three different ones that I love.

You know I am all about seeing you get what your heart desires. Love bringing you free resources to help you become an awakened, authentic and abundant soul.

Sending you big love,
Mal Duane
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