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Divorce Recovery

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Welcome! I don’t know about you but I suffered terribly through a three year process of getting divorced. It literally took over my life. I was consumed with anger and fear of how my life was going to change. It depleted me physically and emotionally. I see this same thing happening over and over again with other women. That’s why I am so happy to introduce you to Recovering from Divorce. I hope you find this material comforting and please let me know how you liked it.

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I am honored to have the opportunity to interview the best selling author, Martin Salama about his book, Recovering from Divorce. Martin shares his own painful experience of ending his marriage after many years.

His pain is what inspired him to discover the seven steps to recovery.

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A wonderful guide to help you implement the seven steps and start to get your life back into balance.


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Divorce Recovery Action Guide
Would you like to know why you are struggling to get over your divorce and how you can move on and be happy?