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Don’t Be Afraid to Be You

I have spent the past several months just recouping my energy, connecting with gratitude daily and getting clear about my life. Every day since the beginning of the year, the word authenticity keeps coming to me. I guess it is trying to tell me something.

I am in touch with my thoughts and feelings. I am also completely honest about them with other people. I don’t feel like I need to put a superwoman cape on anymore. Life has shown me through recent challenges how resilient I am. I know how to advocate for myself and most of all its ok to feel like a woman. I don’t need to mask my emotions and hide my pain.

Today I am writing this with a big snowstorm outside, I am home burning candles with my fur baby Hannah pressed next to me feeling complete bliss. I’m relaxed, peaceful and appreciating every moment, no expectations or attachments clouding my thinking from being present. Honestly, I haven’t been this present in years. I didn’t realize how distracted I had become.

It all comes down to living full out and being me, not being afraid to be me!

The bliss I’m referring to is that pure joy you experienced as a child when you were dancing and singing without a care. You never thought about people watching and what they were thinking. You were just doing your “thing” unrestricted, openly and authentically. You were that little girl that could announce to a room full of people that she had to poop. (Could you do any of  that today?)

My name for this unrestricted, untamed happiness is #divine wildness. You all have it in you but it gets buried when others criticize you. It means being the goddess, the diva, the divine feminine whatever you want to call it. I personally connect with #divine wildness.

It is the powerful feminine energy running through your body that inspires the authentic you, the bold heart-centered unrestricted you.

This feminine energy is so powerful it has inspired men to become women this year. It toppled several high profile political careers and is the main thread for most of the advertising we are bombarded with. It is powerful beyond measure.

Over the next few months I am creating a new podcast interviewing women who live tuned in and turned on by #divine wildness. Their authentic stories will light up the wildness in you!

I promise they will inspire you to embrace more of you in 2017. I invite you to walk this path with me and my guests. Let’s have fun and blast out of whatever is holding you back

To the Divine Wildness in you!

Big Love,

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