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Give A Hug and A Pinch of Prosperity

I listened to a fascinating web recording the other day of Ellie Drake, founder of BraveHeart Women.  She was discussing Oxytocin, which she called the prosperity hormone. What a great name she has given it.  It has also been referred to as the love hormone.  Women produce it during child birth and it helps them with the delivery and then bonding with the child.  Well, Oxytocin makes women feel good, secure and more willing to engage with other people. When we are distressed or fearful, if we could produce Oxytocin rather than Adrenalin what a difference it could make for the quality of our relationships, communications and productivity. A simple hug can help with the production of Oxytocin.  Listen to this fascinating video, Dr Cohen discusses Oxytocin

Give your Alpha Chick friends a hug today and pass the prosperity around.  Please post comments on how you feel!

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