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Gotta Love You Babe!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I appreciate you hanging in there with me the past few years while I tried to find my voice again. You see two years ago on February 14th, it was the icing on the cake of long term betrayal in my marriage. I won’t bore you with the heartbreaking details but that day I was left on my knees, crying my eyes out and alone! I made a pledge to myself in that moment of deep pain and sorrow that February 14th would forever be a day to LOVE ME UP!

Valentine’s day is to honor and love ourselves as women.

I now treat myself to something nice every year, good food, message, mani-pedi or a new educational program. Last year I got my Apple watch and I love it.

This year I love myself so much for coming back with more courage and capabilities than I had before. It took a great deal of inner work to put this all behind me. Some of the things I am treating myself to are programs that inspire my mind and touch my soul.

I’m working on participating with a mastermind group at the Tony Robbins event Unleash Your Power in March.

I’m going to spend a 3-day weekend retreat with Elizabeth Gilbert in May.

I am going to take an Aromatherapy course in June.

In September, I am doing a weekend retreat with Miranda McPherson in New Hampshire.

I’m single and I am loving it. It did take some adjustment I must admit. I am totally loving me!

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Mal Duane

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