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Ignite Your Impact and Create a Legacy by Giving Back

ignite-your-impact-book-1What if I told you that you have the power to change the world. One of the greatest joys of business success is that it gives you the influence, platform, and financial ability to impact millions of people worldwide.

Zig Ziglar said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” It’s true!

Givers gain! The more you give, the more you receive. That’s why many entrepreneurs are making the choice to add philanthropic work as a part of their business plan.

Knowing that you are working for something bigger than yourself provides tremendous satisfaction. It allows you to turn your work, into a legacy that will last long after you are gone. When you commit yourself to serving with your gifts, you’ll find that Universe conspires to provide everything you need to accomplish that.

So you may be asking myself how will giving back benefit my business? Here are three ways.

1) Reputation. People like to align themselves with businesses who are making a difference. Committing to raising funds for a charity or a philanthropic organization reveals your generous spirit. That can be a powerful way to differentiate your brand.

2) Contribution. It allows you to make a personal contribution to raise awareness, funds and support to directly impact the lives of others. Whether you are building a park for area kids, building a school for children in underprivileged counties, or providing food for the hungry to your local food pantry, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping others.

3) Opportunity. Having a give back initiative to your business raises your vibration. Influential people will be drawn and want to work with you. Exciting projects will come your way. You will attract a higher level of clientele. You get back what you give tenfold. When you commit to giving back, the resources, tools, people, and opportunities you need will manifest in your life.  You don’t need to see the whole path, just the first step to the staircase.  Step out with confidence and watch the magic happen!

The first question is always, Where do we start?

Step 1: Decide that it’s a heartfelt priority. Ask yourself what causes are near and dear to your heart. For me that was easy. When I was a single, newly divorced woman with two children to support, I had a breast cancer scare. A Silver Lining Foundation donated a free mammogram – which detected a mass. Then they paid for the follow up biopsy. Thankfully I did not have breast cancer. But having peace of mind that I would be healthy and strong to be a mother for my kids meant the world to me. That’s why I am making A Silver Lining Foundation my charity of choice.

Another great example is Kathy and Rich Fettke of Real Wealth Network. (// They work directly with three charitable organizations that are dear to their hearts.

Kathy Fettke shared, “We chose Operation Smile because our daughter felt so passionate about it when she realized she could save the babies life for just $300. She is very active with this organization and plans to go to Africa to assist with the operations the summer. We also work with Mentors International because they are an amazing organization that does microloans to families who learn to take care of themselves. We love that concept. Finally, we selected Saint Jude as an organization we donate to through to Noris group because they offer to cover expenses for sick children. ”

2) Pick a Special Day, your Birthday, Wedding, Retirement Party, a Holiday. Announce that you are giving a portion of proceeds from that day to donate to your charity of choice. Tell others instead of a birthday or Christmas gift, to donate to your charity of choice.

3)Pick a Signature Product or Event that you can Co-Brand to be an official fundraiser for your charity. You may wish to write a collaborative book that 50% of proceeds go for a charitable cause. Another idea is to donate the fee from your seminar to a charitable project. That’s what Fabienne Frederickson of Client Attraction Business School has done with her Half Day Solution seminars she holds around the country. With each event she helps to build schools for children in third world countries. As part of the event she thanks each of the event attendees and thanks them letting them know that their registration fee is helping to build that school. It’s a beautiful, rewarding feeling for the audience to know they are helping contribute.

Another example is the holiday charity song “Do They Know It’s Christmas” by Band Aid in which the world’s top recording artists pulled together to record and promote a song for charity.  in 2014 when an updated version of the song was released the sales of that album was donated to aid the Ebola crisis in West Africa.

4) Charity at Checkout. ASK at the time of purchase. The donations add up quickly. Any entrepreneur could add an upsell after a customer purchases a product asking if they would like to donate $1, $5, $10 to your charity of choice. Charity checkout programs span numerous retail categories. For example when I shop for groceries, KMart asks if I would like to donate $1 to St. Jude’s Hospital for Kids. To date, Kmart has raised more than $76.7 million for St. Jude kids since 2006.

5) Volunteer. If you don’t have money to donate, offer to give your time or talents. If you have PR skills you can donate time to write a press release for a local charity. If you are a coffee shop, you can donate coffee for a local event helping the needy. Sandy Mueller of Baird and Warner is a local Chicago area real estate agent who donates her time every year to coordinating a local Thanksgiving Day meal for the hungry.

6) Celebrate Make A Difference Day. On October 24th, millions of volunteers across the nation will unite with a common mission – to improve the lives of others. Find out more about Make A Difference Day here.

Together We Can Make a Difference!

It’s easy to think that you are only one person, how much can you really do.  You will never know the ripple effect of the one action you take to make a difference.  My favorite song, “This is my Fight Song” by Rachel Platten, includes this line: “I may only have one match, but I can start an explosion.”  I know that’s true.  Embrace your voice, your personal power, your ability to do what you can.

Ignite your ImpactI hope as you are making your plans for this next year you’ll search your heart to ask “how can I give back and make a greater impact?” Together, let’s commit to transform lives and the world FOREVER!

Guest Article by:

Kristie Notto is the author of Ignite Your Impact: How Entrepreneurs can Share their Light and Love to Transform the World now available.  For a limited time, you’ll receive over an incredible bundle of transformational gifts when you purchase a copy of Ignite your Impact at

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