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Life Recovery Gift


I’m honored that you’ve stopped by to claim your Life Recovery Kit!

The Life Recovery Formula is about letting go of the past and regaining your passion and purpose for life. It’s for any woman who is unhappy, suffering, or in pain. When we are conscious of cultivating self worth, self-care and inner happiness in our daily lives, we can begin the process of recovery.

Click HERE to download the Video Course PDF.


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It’s time to Remove the Veils of Pain, Shame and Self-Doubt that are Smothering Your Inner Light!

You’ve spent long enough hidden behind the layers of energetic veils that separate you from the truth of who you are. You’ve been viewing life from behind the safety of these energetic veils but the reality is the more layers you have created the less of your inner light can shine thru. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms then you are disconnected from your truth.

A loving reminder… you don’t have to walk the path of self-discovery and empowerment alone. I’ve been there!  I’ve walked the path ahead of you, facing the same fears and obstacles that you may now be facing and I would be honored to be your sacred guide on your path to recovering the life you desire and deserve. If you would like to learn more about the work I do as an Life Recovery and Sobriety Coach for Women I invite you to learn more HERE.

Mal Duane

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