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My new book Midlife Transformation is here!

Today is the day I’ve been dreaming about for the past six months! Even Hannah knows Mom has a new book. 

Please join me in celebrating the official birth of my new book “Midlife Transformation: Redefining Life, Love, Health & Success”!

I’m so excited to be a coauthor and share my transformational story, “STILL STRONG”  in this heart centered project published by bestselling publishing house, Inspired Living Publishing!

Your support today would mean the world to me! 

I’d be honored and grateful to have your support to help our inspirational book reach bestseller status and ultimately transform thousands of women’s lives around the world.

When you ORDER your copy of #MidlifeTransformation today  as a thank you, you’ll receive access to over 60 transformational gifts from me, my coauthors, and some of today’s leading visionaries including Nancy Levin, Arielle Ford, Christy Whitman and others.


… you’ll receive a limited time invitation and opportunity to enter your Amazon receipt # in TODAY’S #MidlifeTransformation Facebook Party & Giveaway for a chance to win:

~ Manifestation Bowls®

~  Blessings Bowls®

~  Lotus Life® inspirational tee shirts

~  Gem Set from Zen with Gems

~  Holistic Skin Care Sets from Holistic Body Basics

~  Custom Gemstone Pendulums from Katie Crommett

~  Anxiety Relief Support Packages from Anxiety Slayer

~  Mini handmade ceramic Giving bowls with Affirmation

~ and so much more!

Order #MidlifeTransformation today and I’ll see you at the party!

The twenty-nine stories in Midlife Transformation, including mine, reveal the miracles that happen when a woman makes an empowered choice to release the weight of her past, step out of the shadows, and embrace a life that fully honors her sacred truth. Every story is followed by three Reflection Questions to guide you deeper into your own truth.

Order #MidlifeTransformation today and receive immediate access to all the gifts!

ADVANCE PRAISE for Midlife Transformation:

“Transformative! It takes courage to step through your fears and trust the wisdom of your soul. The powerful stories shared in Midlife Transformation will remind you that when you harness your personal power, commit to living authentically, partner with the Divine, and bravely venture into the uncharted, magic happens!” ~ Colette Baron-Reid, Intuitive, spiritual teacher, psychic medium, author, and founder of Colette Baron-Reid’s Oracle School


“Courage is not always easy, but it is critical to living a life filled with love. Listening, and following our inner wisdom and guidance, requires us to build that muscle of courage. This is a wonderful book, full of inspirational stories to awaken women to their own inner wisdom and courage to live a life full of love, joy, and abundance.”  Christy WhitmanNew York Times best-selling author of The Art of Having It All.

Order #MidlifeTransformation today and I’ll see you at the party!

As Master Integrative Coach, teacher, radio host, and best-selling Hay House author Nancy Levin shares in the foreword:

“You’ll be moved by the messages from women who allowed themselves to be guided by courage to approach life on their own terms, taking action to live aligned with their truth and desires, standing solidly in their self-worth. Allow this book to serve as a compass to lead you back to yourself, with an invitation to find and trust your own voice as you dive deeply into your desire.”

I am honored to have this connection with you. I share my truth with you in my writings so you can live yours! ​​​​​​​

Sending you big love,
Mal Duane


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