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Positive Mental Shift Telesummit Feb 5th – March 14th

A new year is here!

Are you ready to start living your life with passion and purpose? 

It is possible
 – no matter what your life circumstances look like at this moment. As part of the global Alpha Chick family you know how passionate I am about empowering, inspiring and supporting women in awakening and claiming the power within.  The Alpha Chick vision is of a world where women discover and embrace their authentic voice and live a life filled with self-love, joy and abundance. It is possible!

It is with that vision that I invite you to join me and 12 inspiring women for the free six week Positive Mental Shift: Living a Life of Passion and Purpose teleseries launching on February 5th, 2013.We’ve all heard stories of women who have overcome seemingly impossible obstacles and transformed their lives and wondered how they did it!  Well, wonder no more!I’ve invited 12 inspiring women – from best-selling authors to leading transformational coaches – to join me in a series of very intimate, heart-to-heart conversations. Women who have bravely agreed to share their personal (and sometimes painful) stories of awakening and personal transformation. No holds barred. Meet all my Inspiring Guests >>//

I am honored to bring you the stories and wisdom of these 12 inspiring women who have awakened to their inner truth and are joining me with the collective intent to empower YOUto believe in the power of possibility.

Women just like you who have discovered the tools and inner strength to overcome self-defeating thoughts and habits & obstacles to live a life of passion & purpose. Each woman knows first-hand what it takes to move forward, break through life’s roadblocks and release the self-doubt that once held her back.

Our collective vision is that every woman awakens to the truth of who she is and boldly, bravely lives a life of passion and purpose.


I’m honored to be your guide throughout this transformational six week series launching on Tuesday February 5th.  Your FREE registration includes access to all the live calls as well as thereplay links and 12 free transformational gifts from my guests. (No products or audios to purchase – just pure wisdom and inspiration)

I’ve always been inspired by women’s stories of hope, faith and transformation and throughout my own personal struggles it was those stories that gave me hope and inspiration to hold on to my dreams. It is with that intent that I’ve invited these inspiring women to join me for this powerful free series and hope you will join us.

Living a Life of Passion and Purpose is possible! It begins here>>//

Join us beginning February 5th for the Positive Mental Shift series where you will discover how you can

  • Let Go of Past Perceptions and Old Stories that have been weighing you down!
  • Release the Limiting Beliefs that are holding you back from living a life of passion and purpose!
  • Understand Where Change is Needed in Your Life and the steps to move forward!
  • Claim the Happiness you Desire AND Deserve! You’ve struggled long enough!
  • Access Your Inner Wisdom that has always been there waiting for you!
  • Take the Conscious Action Steps to start living the life you envision!

And much, much more. It’s time to awaken the Alpha Chick within and your journey begins here

Register today for FREE ACCESS to all 12 Live calls (and Replays) as well as the 12 free transformational gifts.    

After registering be sure to watch for your “confirmation email’ so I can send you the access info and replay links.

I look forward to “seeing” you there!

Live Faithfully, 

Mal Duane 

Recovery and Empowerment Coach
Bestselling Author

Transformation begins with the first step. Take your first step and register today: //

P.S.S.  Forward this email invitation to the women in your life!  Let’s create a world where ALL women are living a life of passion and purpose.

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