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Resistance or Acceptance – Which Do You Choose?

Handcuffed to Resistance or Free from Acceptance?

Acceptance: noun “to regard as true.”

When you accept something, you are not saying that you approve, you are simply no longer resisting it. When you resist, you put valuable energy into a situation that cannot be changed. You are unable to rewrite the script. So why invest your valuable energy into something you cannot change? Why hold on so dearly to a situation that has no bearing on where you are today? Instead, accept the situation. By accepting you are able to release the hold that you have put on yourself. Once you accept, you can reclaim your power and your right to choose.

Many unbearable things may happen to us in life. The longer we resist, the harder we try to change the situation which results in more suffering. By accepting these unbearable situations, we can free our hearts and minds from endless days of anguish.

I personally carried disappointments and failed relationships around for years. They were the root of my self-imposed suffering. The pain I felt created an image of worthlessness and doom. I embraced alcohol to make myself feel better. At first that worked, but then the pain reoccurred. Before long I was consumed again and feeling there was no way to survive the pain. At a very low moment, I realized I could accept all the heartache I felt, as it no longer had any bearing on my current reality. The veil of illusion was lifted and an awakened woman emerged.

So much of personal suffering is tied to resistance. Open your minds and your hearts.Welcome in acceptance and feel the shift of your personal power rush though you. Step 2 of the Alpha Chick Process is to say “I accept disappointments, fears and sorrows so I may free myself from a past that no longer serves me, and I consciously change my attitude so that I may live the joyous life that is always available to me”.

How can you apply this to your own life? Please share some of your action steps.

Live Faithfully,
Mal Duane

Mal Duane is a certified Personal Life Coach with more than 23 years in recovery from alcoholism, who has overcome devastating life challenges using the steps in the Alpha Chick Process. Her personal mission is to help women excel in all areas of their lives from business to personal relationships and attract that which they most desire, as she has, through a connection to the divine power within. Her book Alpha Chick, Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power is coming in February 2012.

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