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Self-Love Is a Long Term Relationship

With all the news of Weinergate in the past few weeks, it made me realize how important self-love is for women.  During my days of margaritas and mindless men, Anthony Weiner would have been just the kind of man I would have pursued.  Because I lacked self-love, I constantly looked for validation from the most improbable characters. I would attract heartless, self-serving, dishonest men like Mr. Weiner. This guy has been carrying on cyber-sex with multiple partners while his loving wife is preparing for her first child.  Another politician who is obviously poison to women.

Ladies, we need to be advocates for one another and put these vermin back into the holes they climb out of. As self-loving respecting women, we can stop replying to the sexting, the emails and the subliminal thoughts of these creeps and cut the cord to their illicit pleasures. If no one responds to the internet/texting advances that these disgusting men send out, their promiscuous games end.  I strongly suggest if you know someone who is subjected to the advances of a cyber-pervert, help them to turn him into the authorities. Watch how quickly their filthy abuse of the internet will disappear.  We have the power, let’s use it!

Please share any good ideas you have, I would love to read them.

Alpha Chick

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