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Strength – The Gift of Soul Notes

I know you choose the strength of God in your prayer now remember that during the day. You have been given this strength, use it wisely, and help others to be strong. You must believe I am with you.  Your work is to teach women as well as uplift them. Show them humor in their mistakes. When I say humor, understand it means a type of self-love. Release any doubts or fears that swirl around you.
In your heart is the only force you need to recognize.

Live Faithfully,
Mal Duane

 Mal Duane is a Certified Personal Life and Recovery Coach who has overcome devastating life challenges using the steps in the Alpha Chick Process. Her personal mission is to help women excel in all areas of their lives from business to personal relationships. 
Please join Mal on February 7th, 8th and 9th, 2012 for her Transformational Telesummit featuring such luminaries as Lissa Coffey, Joseph Rubino, Brenda Adelman and Christine Kloser as her guests. Her book Alpha Chick, Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power is being released on February 14, 2012 on

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