The Power of Choice – Reflections on Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

Choice is an opportunity; it is a gift we are all given when we are created.  However, over time we lose sight of the fact that we have the ability to choose.  I think the loss starts when we are very young. We want to be good, we want to be accepted, we want to fit in. And so instead of asserting    to choose, we compromise and go along with people or with the situation.  Over time this compounds so that we barely recognize any longer that we have choice as an option. In short, it becomes so much easier if we don’t say no.

As we lose the power to choose, we can easily replace it with damaging bad habits.  It is so easy to turn to something that comforts us and weakens our power even further. I suspect that this was part of the problem for Amy Winehouse.  She lost her power of choice.  She became tied to alcohol and drugs.  No matter what rehab center they sent her to, she returned to the comfort of anesthetizing herself and drowning the voice she did not want to hear. The courage to choose a different path had been stripped away by all the sensationalism written about her psychological decline and frequent binges. They painted a gory picture of this poor, suffering soul who lost her grip on reality. This young woman had very little left to hang on to. Sadly something happened last Friday night to Amy Winehouse. We do not know what the official cause of her death was. I suspect it was related to making the wrong choice, probably the only one she thought she had.

Through my own experience with alcohol, I can relate to feeling like this. The addiction clouds your process to make decisions. If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction, simply try to stop even for just one day. The fog will start to clear and you will see that you do have the power of choice. It was there all the time. Choice brings you joy!

I would love to hear your own inspiring stories of how you moved from pain to power by over coming addictions.  Please leave your comments below. I really look forward to reading them.

Live Faithfully,

Mal Duane
Alpha Chick

Mal Duane is a certified Personal Life Coach with more than 23 years in recovery from alcoholism, who has overcome devastating life challenges using the steps in the Alpha Chick Process. Her personal mission is to help women excel in all areas of their lives from business to personal relationships and attract that which they most desire, as she has, through a connection to the divine power within. Her book Alpha Chick, Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power is coming in February 2012.

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