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Alpha Chick Action Guide and Resource Page

Here is Your Alpha Chick Action Guide

Download link here

Mal Shares Her Inspiration Resources:

I’m  excited that you are taking the opportunity to start enjoying these timeless resources for personal growth and freedom.  Enjoy the articles, e-books, prayers and quotes that I have found to be very inspiring and helpful during my own journey.


Alpha Chick Attraction Quadrant

The Alpha Chick Process

Four Step Process To Reach The Authentic Self

21 Distinctions of Wealth Checklist

Decision by Bob Proctor

Law of Attraction by Becca Kline

The 23rd Psalm

Step Prayers from AA (3, 7, 11)

6 Step Process for Breaking Free From Emotional Traps and Addictions

9 Principles of Manifestation

The 7 Chakras And Your Power

Catherine Ponder Affirmation

Debbie Ford People Pleasing

Attracting Abundance with EFT-Carol Look

Abundance Prayer – Lousie L. Hay

6 Steps in Meditation – Vishen Lakhiani

Spirtual Mind Treatment – Ernest Holmes

Goal Setting – Bob Bodenhamer

Attraction Lessons – Warren Wojnowski

This is also a great time to pickup the Alpha Chick Action Guide!

Live Faithfully,
Mal Duane
Alpha Chick
Author and Certified Professional Coach