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Book Endorsements and Love Notes

Endorsements and Love Notes Received about Alpha Chick Book 

Read some of the loving testimonials shared by today’s leading new thought leaders, bestselling authors and visionaries who graciously support the empowering message of Alpha Chick. I’m honored to share the love of thirty-seven Amazon 5-Star reviews from my inspired readers.

“Mal Duane has a story to tell and tells it brilliantly in her recently released book, Alpha Chick: Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power. Hers is not a story of a struggle from rags to riches. It is a story that reveals the deep suffering each of us can experience regardless of financial status, beauty, intelligence and ability or talent. Mal had all of these even though she wasn’t always aware of them. Her suffering came from her own belief that she wasn’t “good enough,” didn’t “measure up. ” Being a successful model and becoming financially successful in real real estate didn’t prove to her that she was worthy of a loving, successful relationship and high self esteem. She spent ten years battling an alcohol addiction that she used to help her cope with her inner pain.

I recommend this book to those women (and men) who are struggling with self esteem issues, who are fighting an addiction, who are stifled by unloving relationships, who seem to be going backwards in their life rather than forward. If you aren’t satisfied with your decisions and where your life is headed, Alpha Chick could hold some important answers for you.”

-Dr. Irene Conlan, Founder of The Self Improvement Blog



“Through her own self-reconstruction and soul searching, Mal Duane shares with you her experiences of trials and tribulations in overcoming and taking control of the challenges in her own life. This book, not only enlightens you, but proves to you, how through meditation, journaling, prayer and FAITH- focus, acceptance, identify, thoughts, healing/helping, you can find your true inner strength which will allow you to reach your own ALPHA CHICK destination. Read how it is possible to embrace the challenges that life throws at you and allow your inner self and strength to deal with and conquer those challenges once you find your true inner power of your own self-love.

I highly recommend ALPHA CHICK as a truly motivational, empowering self-help book written with the purpose to teach and guide you through using Mal Duane’s, ‘Five Steps for moving from pain to power.”

-Dorothy Lafrinere, Founder of Women’s Self



“Mrs. Ford,  at 93 years old, is no longer able to do an endorsement for your book.  She has found it necessary, due to the number of requests, to establish a firm policy of not endorsing or commenting on any of the books submitted to her.

She sends you her best wishes.  She enjoyed reading the excerpts that you sent and knows that, just by writing the book, you have not only helped yourself but will surely help many others. ”

-Jan Hart, Personal Assistant to Betty Ford



“Mal Duane, in her inspiring book, Alpha Chick, takes the reader on a spell binding journey of her life.  She climbs emotional hills, descends into behavioral valleys and through it all, maintains her ability to face life fairly and squarely.  Her painful journey into and out of active alcoholism (both her own and her family of origin) is a story that many women will recognize as similar to their experience.  Her ability to understand the recovery process and put into words a clear and available formula for recovery can be understood and accepted.   As Mal describes recovery, the reader can fully understand and accept the five steps of Faith for change and healing.   Her plan of moving from pain to power is a valuable guidepost and support for any woman who wants to grow and find strength, hope and power.

Mal tells the reader the story of her alcoholism in a way that demonstrates the family dynamics of addiction.  The pain that addiction causes families is described, but the recovery and help that families can offer to each other is also clear and hopeful.

Each of us has known angels in our life that have impacted our choices and values.  As Mal tells the story of her mother and her niece Holly, memories are stirred in each of our own lives about the importance of role models and women who are inspiring.

The recovery journey from addiction is at the same time difficult and easy.  It is simple and profoundly hard to make the decision to stop drinking.  Mal Duane does it with surrender and grace.   She supports the philosophy that each of us grows in our own recovery as we help others face their hills and valleys and continue the path toward complete healing.”

-Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse – Best Selling Author of “Learning to Love Yourself”, Family Therapist, Founding Chairperson of National Association for Children of Alcoholics and Founder of Onsite Workshops


“From realizing the value of living intentionally to making the law of attraction work in your life, Mal spells out in clear and compelling step by step fashion a remarkable formula for transforming any life that may be characterized by struggle, suffering, and the tragic consequences of low self-esteem to one of self-respect and positive expectation… I invite you to not just read but devour this book, take on the lessons and principles Mal shares and look for how each one can specifically enhance your life to be taken to the next level.”

Dr. Joe Rubino, Center for Personal Reinvention



“Alpha Chick is Mal Duane’s inspirational memoir for women who want the rewarding, fulfilling and happy life they’ve always dreamed about but didn’t know how to achieve. Listen to your intuition, follow Mal’s well-defined, doable steps, and you’ll be led into the light of happiness and success!”
-Lynn A. Robinson — Author, LISTEN: Trusting Your Inner Voice in Times of Crisis



“At the time I needed it the most, Alpha Chick appeared in my life.  Every word Mal wrote gave me encouragement, peace of mind, increased faith and a deepened belief that I can make it through anything… and experience more blessings and miracles than ever before.  Thank you, Mal, for sharing your story and offering such inspiration for women!”

Christine Kloser, Award winning Author, The Freedom Formula: How to Put Soul into Your Business and Money in Your Bank.



“The tried and true principles in Mal Duane’s Alpha Chick can help women from all walks of life achieve success, happiness and an overall positive mental transformation. Whether a woman has experienced a broken heart, has an addictive personality, or just needs to find a way to cultivate positive change in her life, the 5 steps in the Alpha Chick Process will put her on the road to meeting all of life’s challenges with a full heart and a confident attitude.”

-Melysha J. Acharya author, The Breakup Workbook: A Common Sense Guide to Getting Over Your Ex



“Mal Duane’s book…. gives us an insightful, practical and loving guide to shift our life story from one of pain and suffering to one of power and possibility. All women are recovering from something, whether it is a failed marriage, the loss of a loved one, an unexpected illness, a career change or an addiction. Alpha Chick shows us how to accept and transform our painful life experiences and losses, into divine opportunities for personal growth and healing. This book is for any women in the midst of a life transition that longs for a renewed sense of hope, strength and a brighter perspective on her current situation.”

-Michele Wahlder, MS, LPC, Founder, Life Possibilities and author of Alphatudes: The Alphabet of Gratitude.

“I love this book!  Alpha Chick is an inspiring guide to experiencing personal freedom, healing and joy. Mal, your compassion and wisdom are authentic and heart-felt. Thank you for sharing this life-transforming formula that has the power to help people discover and live their true potential!”

Kimberly Ann Coots – Spiritual Counselor and Best-Selling Author



“As someone who works with individuals recovering  from the ravages of addictions and the author of The Law of Sobriety: Attracting Positive Energy for a Powerful Recovery, I know how important Alpha Chick is to that community.  This inspiring story is a must read for anyone finding their way in recovery.”

Sherry Gaba, LCSW, Life Coach, Author, and Speaker.



“Reading Alpha Chick shook me awake in ways that few other motivational books have.  Mal’s 5-step approach seems both wise and practical; however, the true power of the book lies in her amazing personal story, which she tells with heart, courage, and humility.  Alpha Chick has somewhat of a fairy tale ending to it, except that Mal helps us to understand that happily-ever-after has to come from within.  Upon finishing the book, I found myself thinking: “So just what is your excuse, Pamela, for not stepping out and being all you know you can be”? I couldn’t come up with a single one.”

-Pam Aronson, Certified Reiki Practitioner



“With great courage, conviction and eloquence, author and entrepreneur Mal Duane takes readers on an intimate journey of self-discovery and triumph. By sharing her most intensely personal experiences, she touches the heart of uplifts the soul of every woman who has ever struggled with feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt and fear. No matter what your challenges have been, you’ll find renewed strength and inspiration as you follow Mal’s practical steps to becoming an Alpha Chick and living a life of fulfillment on every level!”

-Daria DiGiovanni, author, copy director and partner, Parasol Creations