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Are You a Truth Teller?

I have a few really powerful thought provoking  questions for you today.
  • Have you thought about your story, your journey and realized that you have a powerful lesson inside of you that maybe you should share with the world?
  • If you told your story could you help others?
  • If you told your truth would it inspire others to love themselves just the way they are?
I told you these are not easy questions.
My lessons became very clear to me several years ago and inspired me to write my award winning Amazon bestseller Alpha Chick.
Writing a book is no small task but more and more people are doing it and becoming Indie-Authors. You write it and you publish it allowing you to get your message out to the world. What if everything you needed to know was available in one place? Well it is!!!
I’d like to tell you about an exciting event that I’ve been chosen to participate in.
publishing-success-summit-trans-1aI will be one of this year’s speakers at the Publishing Success Summit hosted by Eric Van Der Hope. For 17 days I will join 64 other book industry experts to help provide you with the fundamentals of how to build a solid foundation on which to publish a professional book, not only that, but a bestselling book. As a result, you’ll be able to publish successfully & effectively share your message around the world which will help pave the way to make an impact on other people’s lives.
This year’s Summit Experts are quite the dream team! Collectively, we’ve participated in the making of hundreds of books, many of them NYT & Amazon bestsellers and as a result have sold millions of copies throughout the world & we want to help you touch more lives by helping you publish and sell books successfully.
At the Summit you’ll learn the secrets of bestselling authors like …
  • Developing a book pitch and know why you need one (even before you begin writing).
  • How to sell books by the truckload without having dreaded returns.
  • Where qualified editors can be found (which are critical to the success of a published book).
  • When & How to start marketing your book for the greatest success.
  • How to create a plot that sustains a complete novel.
  • How to angle a topic to target your audience in order to create your book.
  • How authors can position themselves as experts in order to be recognized by reporters & producers.
  • What the anatomy of a bestselling campaign looks like.
You’ll learn all this and MUCH, MUCH more!
The entire 17-day Summit will be available for $397 AFTER it’s allover, but because I’m one of the experts being interviewed, Eric has allowed me to invite anyone I want for free! 🙂
There will also be some great upgrades available if you’re looking to push your book publishing process as well as marketing to the next level …
So, I invite you to join me and the 64 other book industry ROCK STARS at the world’s largest Book Publishing Event of it’s kind online, where we all have come together under 1 virtual roof!
Go here to get your free ticket (it’ll be available for a short time):
All I can say is I wish this was available when I wrote my first book! It would have saved many sleepless nights. I hope you will join me and be part of this amazing summit. If you are serious about birthing a book, this is the place you need to be!
See you at >>> //
Reply to this email and let me know if you think you want to write a book. I will try to answer any question you may have.
Love you to pieces,
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