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Awakening Divine Wildness Podcast

I am thrilled to share my new Awakening Divine Wildness Podcast with you. I created this podcast to teach women how to recognize and embrace their divine wildness.

Listen in and learn how to move from pain and heartache to forgiveness and freedom so you can live the life you deserve.

Join me for a new podcast every other Monday. If you like what you hear, please subscribe, rate and review at iTunes.

I invite you to listen now to see if the Awakening Divine Wildness podcast resonates with you.

Awakening Divine Wildness Podcasts

01/22/18 – Learn How to End the Battle with Your Body and Start to Love Who You See in the Mirror with Laura Fenamore

Laura Fenamore is a body image expert but really she is a guide for women leading them through a heartfelt journey to self love. Her acclaimed book Skinny, Fat, Perfect:Love Who you see in the Mirror takes you through the struggles of obesity, eating disorders and addiction and how to overcome them.

01/08/18 – Discover How to Use the Map to Abundance with Boni Lonnsburry

By applying the Law of Attraction to her own life, Boni has transformed from poverty and despair to abundance, love and joy. She has mastered the process and now shares her system for self -discovery it in her best selling books, The Map and The Map:To our responsive Universe.

12/25/17 – How to Connect with Your Guardian Angel with Karen Paolino

Karen Paolino is known as the Miracle Messenger who shares her psychic abilities with clients across the Globe. She shares how we can tap into our own abilities.She channels messages from the Angelic realm as well loved ones in Spirit. Her work includes two powerful programs Soul Entrainment and Soul mediumship. You can get her free guided meditation at

12/12/17 – Redefining the Divorce Process with Deanna Coyle

Forty percent of first time marriages are failing and that number goes to 60% on second marriages. The process of a divorce is painful no matter who asks for it. It creates financial and emotional turmoil as well as huge legal expense. Deana is the founder of Vesta, an organization committed to bringing you the resources and help you navigate through the process.

11/27 – Small Changes to Create Optimal Wellness with Allison Samon

Known as Health Allie out in LA where everyone is tuned into fitness, Allie is the picture of health. This was not always the case as her sugar addiction took over and started to poison her body and cause her organs shut down. She shares some powerful adjustments you can all make to kick your weightloss and wellness into high gear as well as getting off medications. She also has a free gift for all the listeners at

11/13 – The Past Does Not Define a Woman’s Future!

Tara Travis is a leadership mentor and Master Coach, a #metoo survivor who grew up in a dysfunctional family and now leads women to step up and transcend the past and build heart centered businesses. She works with women around the globe to receive divine compensation in exchange for doing meaningful transformational work in the world.

10/30 – Embrace Your Uniqueness with Sonia Bueno de la Torre

Sonia Bueno de la Torre is a Self-Love Energy Coach and she helps women around the globe embrace their uniqueness and let go of self judgment. Sonia struggled deeply with body image and self-condemnation. Her journey of deep pain and struggle inspires her work today to lead women through personal and spiritual transformation. She has a beautiful Self-Love meditation for all the listeners over at

10/16 – Revise Your Concept of Midlife Aging with Rosie Dalton

Rosie Dalton shows women how to revise their concept of midlife and aging. She believes women are at their best during the second and third acts. Rosie openly shares about the loss of her son and recreating a magnificent love relationship and marriage after a heart breaking ending to her first marriage. She is also a popular instructor at Kripalu.

10/02 – Release Your Blocks to Love with Dr. Debra Reble

Debra Reble knows the importance of love in our lives. At a young age her mother walked out the door and never came back. Her personal thirst for love connection inspired her work to write, speak and teach that love is within all of us and is our source of creation. She shows us all how to release our blocks to love.

9/18 – Alysa Rushton, Speaker, Coach and Spiritual Flower Child

Alysa Rushton is not afraid to speak her truth. She leads women globally to do the same. She has survived unimaginable situations, kidnap, abuse, addiction and self condemnation to rise to being one of the new shining stars in helping thought leaders and healers bring forth their message.

9/04 – Shannon Kaiser, Author, Speaker and Founder of the Self Love Experiment

Shannon Kaiser has mastered a plan for finding happiness and turning on self love.
In our constant quest to be happier, skinnier, smarter, and more wealthy – outward expressions of achievement in our society – we’re living our daily lives based on some notion that we aren’t enough as we are. Her own journey with food addiction and loathing her body brought her to a point of cracking open in pain and finding another way. She soon discovered that self love is not a place but something we choose. Her new book The Self Love Experiment is a bible, a toolbox for turning up the love in your life.

8/21 – Truth about Tarot Cards

Tonya Melendez, The No 3 psychic medium in the world, shares her journey of awakening to and building her intuition and psychic abilities. This girl has incredible energy and shares the real way to create what you want in life.

7/24 – The Real Physical Effects of Falling in Love

Dawn Maslar is a best selling author and best selling author with a well known face as Dr. Love through TV in FLorida. She is a 2 times Tedx speaker and an expert on the chemical reactions in the brain when you fall in love! Her research will leave you breathless.

7/24 – Is it Love or is it addiction?

Sherry Gaba is a well known psychotherapist and life coach who has been featured on Celebrity Rehab, CNN, Showbiz tonight, Teen Mom and MTV, Sirius Radio as well as NY Post and Huffington Post just to mention a few. She is a leading authority on all types of addiction and supports her clients on changing long term destructive behaviors. In this vulnerable interview she talks about love addiction and how it shows up.

7/10 – Single welfare Mom to Publishing CEO

Linda Joy is the CEO of Inspired Living Publishing, the publisher of Aspire magazine and the marketing and branding guru to many of today’s top best selling authors and recognized luminaries. Her journey from single welfare mother to mega publishing genius will bring tears to your eyes.

6/26 – Discovering Your Shakti Power

Zinnia Gupte is an inspirational author, speaker and the priestess of sexuality and sacred dancer who help women connect with their bodies and desires. Her own journey of low self-esteem and failed relationships Inspired her pursuit of Shakti power.

6/12 – What Inspires a Woman to Super Performance and Contribution?

Jennifer Maseda is on a mission to help women in the public and private sector. She is committed to educating women to their true potential through her highly popular TV show Woman2Woman and the new Metrowest Conference for Women.

5/29 – How to Deal with a Narcissist

Darlene Lancer is a psychotherapist that specializes in Relationships and Codependency. She enlightens us on the damaging aspects of being attracted to and involved with a real narcissist.

5/15 – Learning to Nourish Your Sacred Body Temple

Dr. Mary E. Pritchard has become an expert on body image and your relationship with food. Her own journey of battling an eating disorder brought her to an awakening of how to heal your relationship with food, your body and yourself.

5/1 – Hiding behind Your Busyness

Michelle Mercier, Founder of Create Honesty, shares her journey of corporate burnout and personal condemnation. Her pain has inspired her to create a movement of women tapping into the deliciousness of their bodies regardless of their size.

4/17 – Surviving The Unimaginable

Rhonda Britten, the Founder of Fearless Living, Emmy winner and bestselling author reveals how she personally mastered fear after witnessing the murder of her mother by her father.

4/3 – Living Life in The Wrong Body

Author and transgender woman, Grace Stevens shares her courageous journey to becoming a woman at age 64 after living most of her life as a man. She shares how she went from denying to questioning to finally accepting her truth.

3/20 – Halley’s Comet in Heels

Meet Lainie Love Dalby who calls herself a misfit minister (she is ordained) and a sacred artist. She exemplifies living colorfully and passionately in her truth.

3/13 – Introducing Awakening Divine Wildness

Enjoy a behind the scenes conversation between podcast producer and founder of Podcast Bath, Shann Vander Leek and Awakening Divine Wildness host, Mal Duane. Learn what you can expect when you listen in and get ready to awaken to your divine truth, sacred power, and divine wildness!

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