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How I Became Fearless… and You Can Too!

fearlessAre you wallowing in pain or becoming fearless?


I posted on Facebook the other day that I was feeling fearless! This feeling of complete calm and loving it didn’t happen overnight.  I can honestly admit to you that I worked on developing it. I am hesitant to use the word create, I think that is too egotistical. I worked hard and did some heavy lifting to get here. I’m not any different or more special than any of you.

Actually, I am just like you. I have many of the same fears and painful challenges.


A Course in Miracles says that the opposite of fear is love. So if I was previously consumed with fear than it must mean I was lacking love. Looking back on my life I would have to agree. I was missing a lot of love, especially for myself.


Through my 28 years of recovery I believe I have really embraced self love.  My self care and self worth has grown exponentially. I never expected there was room for more loss and more growth. I thought I had learned all my lessons, but the cosmic 2 x 4 hit me one more time.

My biggest challenge would become by greatest teacher and end up leaving me FEARLESS!


I now understand that unloving acts which I was not conscious of in any way were sabotaging my divine feminine life force. Betrayal and violation which I knew nothing about were now acting like growing malignancies in my energy field. Although I felt fear and felt threatened, I didn’t fully understand why. I didn’t comprehend the nature of the perpetration until I discovered it.

It is not what happened that matters but what I learned from it which can help you.


I now understand after deep personal reflection of all the things that have happened to me in my lifetime, that I am always in a better place afterwards. You are probably asking how can that be?

If these painful emotional challenges had not happened, I would have been pulled down further, suffered more personal damage and I would not been inspired to create change in my life. It took time for the crumbling ground under my feet to settle but when it did I realized I was so much more resilient than I ever thought possible.

There are three things that helped me and will help you to understand evolving into a fearless and resilient being.


1. Deep and thoughtful reflection of a past or present event, understanding and accepting that it is happening for your growth and well-being. Something is ending to it can open you up to a better experience.

2. Journaling about the experience to get expanded clarity that doesn’t come from your ego’s perception but from your heart’s. When you write, the words will come from within and not from your outer reactions.

3. Understanding your role and what you can and can’t control. Other people’s behavior towards you has nothing to do with you. What is the highest and best action for you to take in this situation.

The outcome is that you will put all the pieces together and you will see the thread of personal growth in each situation. You will understand that life’s challenges happen so that you can evolve more into the divine being you are meant to be rather than as some type of persecution.

Our lives are just a pathway of lessons in this cosmic classroom. You can choose to do your heart work (homework) and master the lessons or you can ignore them and continue to play in a minefield of demise and despair.

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