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How to Spot a Growing Addiction

Substance addiction can come in several different forms, stemming from recreational usage or even from a medical prescription. It can be difficult to distinguish between harmless usage and a growing addiction, either in your loved ones or yourself. As far as the physical signs go, here are some behaviors to look out for in those [Read More…]

Willingness + Honesty = Recovery

What is it that causes women to relapse even after they have started discovering the gifts of sobriety, rebuilding their lives, and regaining a lot of what they lost in their addiction?  Is it despair?  Is it lack of faith? Is it simply reverting back to familiar bad behavior because it is easier?  Perhaps they [Read More…]

Girls in Recovery

Who’s Talking? Great, I’m in, are you dear? For I hold all the power here. When no longer left to bear, For you’ll always be there. Said they cared but they lied. I’ll be right by your side. Even though some have died. It’s because they were weak inside. Many try and put me down, without me [Read More…]

Girls in Recovery

My Journey by Tracy Jo from Serenity House I really need this burden lifted Through these ashes I‘ve already sifted Every bridge already burnt, So many others still really concerned Much needed relief is seen near to grasp Trying to move forward letting go of my past To be comforted is greatly needed A reality [Read More…]

Guess Who’s In Recovery?

Recovery: verb – The act of regaining or saving something; returning to an original state or a gradual healing. Because September is National Recovery Month, I started to think about how recovery is a part of all of our lives.  I don’t feel it applies strictly to people suffering from an addiction. Everyone I can [Read More…]

Dr. Drew – The Real Deal Rehab

It is encouraging to see that there is really someone out there that gets the whole addiction thing. Over the past few years, I have become a fan of Dr. Drew Pinsky.  Dr. Drew is one of the few people involved in the world of celebrity addictions who tells it like it is.  He is [Read More…]

The Power of Choice – Reflections on Amy Winehouse

Choice is an opportunity; it is a gift we are all given when we are created.  However, over time we lose sight of the fact that we have the ability to choose.  I think the loss starts when we are very young. We want to be good, we want to be accepted, we want to [Read More…]