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Is beauty an illusion?

Is beauty an illusion? I love the description the IPhone dictionary has for illusion. It says it is an erroneous mental representation or the act of deluding. Have you looked in any magazines lately of images of women appearing in ads or fashion layouts? Do they look authentic to you? And yet you are supposed [Read More…]

Has love failed you?

I don’t know how many times in my own life I went to such levels of despair thinking that I was unloved or being rejected by someone I thought I loved. It was the fuel for my alcoholism for many years. I would think I am not loved so I will beat the crap out [Read More…]

What I learned from spraying toilet bowl cleaner on my head

I am going to share with you this week the craziest and almost dangerous thing I did to myself because I was so self-absorbed and not paying attention to what I was doing. I was lucky but I have since heard stories of some real disasters from people who did the same thing when they [Read More…]

Self-Esteem – How to Improve Your Self-Image

“I have low self-esteem, but I express it the healthy way… by eating a box of Double-Stuff Oreos.” Miranda – as played by Cynthia Nixon on Sex and the City Ok, I admit it; I am definitely a self-love junkie! The definition of a self-love junkie is someone who has traded hating and abusing themselves [Read More…]

The Happiness Secret

Probably more than anything else in life, we all strive to be happy. Sadly, for various reasons, happiness eludes many of us. Some reasons are self-imposed and others we attribute to other people. The trouble is, when we feel other people are responsible for our happiness we are giving away control over our own lives [Read More…]

Are you willing to love unconditionally?

  Have you ever said to someone, “I will love you if…” or better yet, “I will love myself if….” Well that’s crap. That’s not love, it’s your burning desire to control. Love does not entail setting conditions that must be met. It’s not predicated on a list of ‘ifs’. You either love fully or [Read More…]

What’s your security blanket? Letting go of outdated beliefs

When you were little did you walk around dragging a tattered, threadbare blankey with you everywhere you went? I know I did. My blankey was pink and white checks. It was lovingly worn – the satin trim was missing in places and there were patches where you could almost see through the blanket. If I [Read More…]

Graduating From a Life of Resistance to a Life of Acceptance

I realized yesterday that my life is really a series of graduations from different phases of self-expression. Simply put, the first half of my life was all about resistance to “what is” and living my life blinded by my own beliefs. Then I graduated to a life of acceptance: living with “what is” and understanding [Read More…]

Falling Into Grace: get out of your head and into your heart

The last few weeks I have been caught up in significant decisions. I kept finding myself thinking and rethinking what I should do. The more I thought, the further away I was from a conclusion. Does this sound familiar? My first big lesson came on Easter Sunday while I was listening to Adyashanti with Oprah [Read More…]

Freedom From Telling Your Story

How to set yourself free from the past: Tell Your Story! When you are able to tell your story, you free yourself from the bondage of the past. Revealing is healing. It is a process of cleansing the soul of any old and unnecessary debris from the past. Sadly, most of you do just the [Read More…]

Big Time Gratitude for my Soulful Ladies

Last week I went to an educational conference in Connecticut. I was surrounded by a roomful of inspired souls who love doing work similar to the work I love doing with women. The energy in the room was indescribable. It was one of those defining moments in life when you know you’re on the right [Read More…]

Kick the “But” Word to the Curb and Reclaim Your Life!

How many times in your life have you declared you wanted to be or do something and then followed it up with the “but” word. “But” is a huge self-manifested block that keeps you from being and doing all that you are meant to. “I want to lose weight but… “ “I want to stop [Read More…]

Reclaiming Your Life Lessons

Is your life spiraling down emotionally? Is your heart filled with fear and keeping you from being the magnificent soul you are meant to be? Your heart is a magnetic energy center that sends vibrations out to the Universe. So, what you hold in your heart shows up in your life physically. We spend a [Read More…]

Who Do YOU Think You Are?

Do you think you are superior or do you struggle with low self-esteem? The fact is that we are all born the same; we come from the same divine source – everything in the Universe comes from this source. We have the same energy that holds the stars in the sky and turns the Earth [Read More…]

Is it love or is it an addiction?

Do you feel your happiness is predicated on being in a relationship? Do you feel incomplete without a man? Why do women base their self-worth on whether a man loves them or not? Well, I have the answers for you. Being completely transparent, I must admit I was addicted to love. Or, should I say [Read More…]

Resolutions or Intentions? Don’t set yourself up for failure!

Every New Year we set resolutions to diet, to stop a bad behavior, break up with a jerk boyfriend or some other action we think is necessary to be successful or happy. But wait a minute; three days into the New Year, the resolutions get kicked to the curb. What’s with that? Why do we [Read More…]

Forgive and Forget

Twenty five years ago today, I had my last “taste” of alcohol. I hit what is commonly referred to as a “high bottom”. I was a high performing woman, gainfully employed but hit my emotional bottom. The empty shell of a woman that I was, cracked open so the light could touch the dark shrunken [Read More…]

What Is the Best Christmas Gift you can give?

How about giving someone extra love? It’s free and you will never run out. Is another electronic gizmo really the way to someone’s heart? What about a beautiful hand written note, telling them how much you value and love them. Why are we are so quick to criticize the differences we notice in someone else [Read More…]

How to Spot a Growing Addiction

Substance addiction can come in several different forms, stemming from recreational usage or even from a medical prescription. It can be difficult to distinguish between harmless usage and a growing addiction, either in your loved ones or yourself. As far as the physical signs go, here are some behaviors to look out for in those [Read More…]

25 + 25 = 50 Addiction +Recovery

To you, this may look like a simple mathematical equation but actually it represents 50 years of my life. You see, I started drinking at the age of 16 and drank for 25 years before it became unbearable. As many times as I told myself to stop, I just turned around and picked up another [Read More…]

Willingness + Honesty = Recovery

What is it that causes women to relapse even after they have started discovering the gifts of sobriety, rebuilding their lives, and regaining a lot of what they lost in their addiction?  Is it despair?  Is it lack of faith? Is it simply reverting back to familiar bad behavior because it is easier?  Perhaps they [Read More…]

Are You Talking To Your Kids About Using Molly?

Your child has been away at college for six weeks now. You have been checking in with them regularly and maybe even doing some FaceTime or Skyping. This moment in time took years of preparation on your part as a parent. You educated your child, stayed up many a night with them doing their homework [Read More…]

Faith + Courage = Freedom to Exercise our Profound Personal Power

Throughout our lives as women, we have found ourselves paralyzed by our fears: fear of failure, fear of success, rejection, loss, loneliness, pain, loss of safety, security, and affection, estrangement, separation – the list goes on.  We find ourselves willing to endure our pain because we are afraid, our instinct is to protect ourselves from [Read More…]

Initiative = Accomplishment: Everything Starts Within Us

Why do you spend so much time blaming other people or situations for your own misfortunes?  I guess it might be easier to pin the tail on another donkey! Maybe it is time to be accountable, even if for only yourself. You have the ability to do, and to choose as you please.  All your [Read More…]

Self worth + Self care = Joy

The deepest and most painful wounds come from self-condemnation. Yet, we keep doing it over and over to ourselves until the flesh is almost gone from our bones. Some of us use a form of addiction as a band-aid to those wounds. But nothing ever really suffices; they just get deeper and more painful. All [Read More…]