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The Life Recovery Formula: Will Power + Initiative = Accomplishment

The moment you were created you were filled with your own personal will power. As a young child you asserted yourself frequently with such expressions as No! and Mine! You fully grasped the feeling of using your will power. At three years old you could probably express your boundaries better than you do today! Slowly [Read More…]

Life Recovery Formula: Awareness + Acceptance = Serenity

“Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune.”                        -William James It’s not life’s experiences that are causing your pain and suffering, it is your resistance to them. The harder you push, the greater the discomfort. You set [Read More…]

Life Recovery Formula: Discovering the Diva within!

To truly develop self-worth, one must look within for the divine magnificence you were born with. We are all created with this essence but it can be obscured by the words and perceptions of others. You think the right dress, or the right hairdo might make you more appealing. But ladies, true beauty comes from [Read More…]

The Life Recovery Formula™

Self-care + Self-worth + Happiness = Recovery When life presents us with excruciating challenges, who do we take care of last? I am honored to be teaching a class for an amazing group of women in a recovery facility. Over and over, the topic of abusing ourselves comes up. These women recognize that they put [Read More…]

Positive Mental Shift Telesummit Feb 5th – March 14th

A new year is here! Are you ready to start living your life with passion and purpose?  It is possible – no matter what your life circumstances look like at this moment. As part of the global Alpha Chick family you know how passionate I am about empowering, inspiring and supporting women in awakening and claiming the power [Read More…]

Video Replay of Mal Duane on My Fox 25 TV Interview

(FOX 25 / – It’s inspiration and comfort for anyone who’s ever felt trapped by failed relationships, depression, and addiction. Decades ago, “Alpha Chick” author Mal Duane had an epiphany, and now she’s got some good advice and perspective. Watch Video: Personal success: From pain to power: My sincere thanks to My Fox 25 [Read More…]

Alpha Chick in Framingham

My thanks to  Chris Bergeron of the Daily News staff at MetroWest Daily News for this 2/20/2012 article. Photo taken by Allan Jung for the Daily News. FRAMINGHAM — After years of alcoholism and self-doubt, Mal Duane transformed herself into an Alpha Chick. Now the Framingham resident has a book and message to share with women trapped by [Read More…]

Standing Empowered Doesn’t Make Life Perfect

I write a lot about women discovering their authentic voice and standing in their power. It is wonderful to leave your past mistakes behind and embrace the present moment with complete focus. However, it does not mean that challenges will not arise and even try to knock you down, or pull you off course. Staying [Read More…]

Virtual Interview with Michelle Casto The Destiny Discovery

Today I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 3 of the Virtual Blog Tour of author Michelle Casto whose book The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul’s Path to Success launches on Amazon on Tuesday January 17, 2012. A renowned Life & Business Coach, Michelle L. Casto is an advocate for “everyday [Read More…]

The Greatest Lesson I Learned in 2011!

Live your life with integrity and heart-centered intention. For many years, I woke up every day paralyzed by my own fears. I would be tormented by the possibility that people would discover I was a fake; I wasn’t who I pretended to be. The persona I projected was this happy, fun loving care free, extremely [Read More…]

Appreciate What You Have

This year I am especially grateful because after four years my book will be hitting Amazon for sale on February 14, 2012. I have to admit this is not a task for the light hearted. I have never worked as hard on a project in my life. At times I felt I was way beyond my [Read More…]


There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” — Albert Einstein One of my favorite holidays is celebrated this week. Thanksgiving Day is a wakeup call to all the wonderful things I have in my life. For [Read More…]

Resistance or Acceptance – Which Do You Choose?

Handcuffed to Resistance or Free from Acceptance? Acceptance: noun “to regard as true.” When you accept something, you are not saying that you approve, you are simply no longer resisting it. When you resist, you put valuable energy into a situation that cannot be changed. You are unable to rewrite the script. So why invest [Read More…]

The Past Has No Power

“The past has no power over the present moment.” ~ Eckhart Tolle. Why do we have such a difficult time letting go of the past? I can’t count how many days I have spent replaying conversations and scenarios over and over in my head from 20 years ago. I can’t change the outcome; I can’t [Read More…]