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I Was a Cougar THREE Times Last Week!

I am not saying I did anything that would land my ass in jail. But I did have so much fun- even if it was mostly in my own mind. I can’t deny it puts a smile on my face to see a younger man admiring me. Truthfully ladies-you know you love it too! My [Read More…]

How to Shut Down the Inner Struggle

Do you wake up some days with two conversations going on in your head? You toss and turn, there is a tug of war going on about deciding what to do. One voice says, “stay where you are”, “don’t do anything”, “watch out”, “you can’t do this” which is the limiting voice of the ego [Read More…]

My new book Midlife Transformation is here!

Today is the day I’ve been dreaming about for the past six months! Even Hannah knows Mom has a new book.  Please join me in celebrating the official birth of my new book “Midlife Transformation: Redefining Life, Love, Health & Success”! I’m so excited to be a coauthor and share my transformational story, “STILL STRONG”  in this heart [Read More…]

Real Women Share How to Have It All

I recently met a super cool new friend who thinks just like me and I want you to meet her too. Her name is Carolina, and she is an expert in helping women create Extraordinary Lives. As a woman with big dreams and desires, Carolina has challenged herself to have it all: a successful career [Read More…]

You Are Never Too Old!

I have been deeply touched by the recent movement of women coming together to speak their truth about equal rights and ending sexual and physical abuse.  Sadly, the politics in our country have stirred massive fear and anger in the female population. I just wish we all had started being so proactive years ago rather than [Read More…]

Start your Day Right with a Morning Practice

Wouldn’t it be great to start the day feeling peaceful, focused, and inspired? Every day I start my morning feeling centered and at peace.  My secret is having a morning practice.  Having a daily set of rituals helps you feel grounded in your body, mind, and soul.  Taking time to renew helps you be more [Read More…]

The Happiness Secret

Probably more than anything else in life, we all strive to be happy. Sadly, for various reasons, happiness eludes many of us. Some reasons are self-imposed and others we attribute to other people. The trouble is, when we feel other people are responsible for our happiness we are giving away control over our own lives [Read More…]

Faith + Courage = Freedom to Exercise our Profound Personal Power

Throughout our lives as women, we have found ourselves paralyzed by our fears: fear of failure, fear of success, rejection, loss, loneliness, pain, loss of safety, security, and affection, estrangement, separation – the list goes on.  We find ourselves willing to endure our pain because we are afraid, our instinct is to protect ourselves from [Read More…]

Self worth + Self care = Joy

The deepest and most painful wounds come from self-condemnation. Yet, we keep doing it over and over to ourselves until the flesh is almost gone from our bones. Some of us use a form of addiction as a band-aid to those wounds. But nothing ever really suffices; they just get deeper and more painful. All [Read More…]

Creative Imagination + Strong Faith = Deliberate Creation

Why do we get so beaten down and hopeless that we can’t create what we want in our lives? I am here to tell you, maybe even while standing on a roof top shouting that we most certainly can. Like everything else in life, there is a formula. Once you have that the rest is easy. You [Read More…]

Life Recovery Formula: Awareness + Acceptance = Serenity

“Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune.”                        -William James It’s not life’s experiences that are causing your pain and suffering, it is your resistance to them. The harder you push, the greater the discomfort. You set [Read More…]

The Life Recovery Formula™

Self-care + Self-worth + Happiness = Recovery When life presents us with excruciating challenges, who do we take care of last? I am honored to be teaching a class for an amazing group of women in a recovery facility. Over and over, the topic of abusing ourselves comes up. These women recognize that they put [Read More…]

Authentic empowered women sharing!

I want to thank you all for participating in the Positive Mental Shift Teleseminar. To everyone – I am so blessed and thankful to each of you. To the beautiful speakers, your vulnerability and courage inspired me. To my listeners, your emails and comments really touched my heart and I want to share one with [Read More…]

Recovery and Relationships: The Guy is just the Frosting on the Cake!

The Guy is just the Frosting on the Cake!!! I had an insight once that I shared with my husband.  I told him that women have it backwards.  Our lives (our interests, our goals, our businesses and our spirituality) – that is the cake. The guy is just the frosting! For many years I didn’t [Read More…]

The Focus On Happiness

Come on get happy! June is a great month to focus on happiness. There are all kinds of great things going on that create happiness for families everywhere. Graduations and weddings fill this month’s calendar, but on a more personal note, how are you going to experience happiness this month?   Here are five suggestions that [Read More…]

The Role of Helping Others

A Q&A with Mal Duane. Interviewed by Andrew Mondia, founder of The Pear Shaped View  Andrew Mondia: What is your view in the role of helping others? Mal Duane: I feel in life that helping others to heal and to live life with joy is a key part of why we are here. There is a universal law [Read More…]

What is Faith?

The foundation for the process of personal transformation and creating positive change in your life is through the use of Faith. I write about this extensively inAlpha Chick.  Anything you want to be, to have or to do, can be directly linked to the amount of Faith you hold within. Faith is not tied to [Read More…]