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Truth Be Told

I need to come clean and tell you the truth about something. The past three months I have emailed you almost weekly about interviews I did on various tele-summits. Well enough is enough. It’s time for me to connect with you and stop hiding behind the free stuff. The truth is that all these projects [Read More…]

Don’t Be Afraid to Be You

I have spent the past several months just recouping my energy, connecting with gratitude daily and getting clear about my life. Every day since the beginning of the year, the word authenticity keeps coming to me. I guess it is trying to tell me something. I am in touch with my thoughts and feelings. I [Read More…]

Falling Into Grace: get out of your head and into your heart

The last few weeks I have been caught up in significant decisions. I kept finding myself thinking and rethinking what I should do. The more I thought, the further away I was from a conclusion. Does this sound familiar? My first big lesson came on Easter Sunday while I was listening to Adyashanti with Oprah [Read More…]