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Denial – The Double Edged Sword

This week while tapping a show with the amazing Dr. Debra Reble, the topic of denial came up.

I never realized what a strong reaction I had to the word. Denial had been the thread that stitched my life together for many years until I was ready to face my truth. Facing the truth can be scary for you but I promise you will never regret it. It frees you from the bondage you placed on yourself. When you can’t live life, and be who you are meant to be, you rob the Universe of love. Fact is- you can’t give out love unless you are YOU ! What do you think you give out when you pretend to be otherwise?

The most powerful thing you can do for yourself is stop denying and start accepting your life just the way it is. I have said it before but I think it needs to be repeated. Life is a classroom and we all have lessons to learn. Every shitty situation is just a lesson you need to learn. Look at your lessons and see what is in each one that you need to learn.

The flip side of denial is when someone looks you right in the eye and denies what they have done or said. It makes me insane. I can feel it throughout my body. Do you feel utterly disrespected when someone you love denies the truth to you? Do they really think you don’t know better? It breaks the potential for trust. It creates dis-ease between two people.

Such a small word with such destructive consequences no matter what side you are on.

Time to eliminate denial from your life.

Are you afraid to step up and live your truth? Please reach out and use the link to schedule a laser coaching call for 15 minutes. We can tackle any situation together.

Next Monday 5/29 on my Podcast Awakening Divine Wildness is Darlene Lancer. Holy crap, what an education about dealing with a narcissist! This hits home for so many women. I know we all have known one.

No topic is ever off the table. I have pretty much experienced everything a woman can in one lifetime and I’m not afraid to talk about it. I gave up denial along time ago. No chains on this chick!

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