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“The Alpha Chick 5 Step Process”

“The Alpha Chick 5 Step Process” is an informative teleseminar replay on how to move from pain to power, and the worksheet download allows you to easily follow along and take notes. Join Mal as she shares her simple, yet powerful process, and learn how to tap into your higher guidance.  Discover your inner Alpha Chick with this inspiring gift.

Discover how to “wake up” your inner Alpha Chick with this inspiring gift.


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“The 5 Step Alpha Chick Process”

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Mal Duane – Certified Recovery Coach and Best Selling Author of Alpha Chick
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Mal Duane is a Certified Recovery Coach, highly successful real estate business owner and author of the #1 bestseller Alpha Chick: 5 Steps for Moving from Pain to Power. As a coach, she helps women become deliberate creators of their own lives. She has also built a school for women in Kondjila West Africa, and established Holly’s Gift, an educational assistance fund for women. A frequent media guest, Mal has been featured on dozens of radio shows, Fox News, Healthy Living Magazine and Aspire Magazine.