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It’s Never Too Late!

How many times have you said to yourself, I am too old to do that or I am too old to wear that?Based on what? It’s bullshit.

Let your inner child rip. You know she is still inside of you. She is that little voice that can get very testy when she doesn’t get her way. She is still adventurous and expects you to be.

All of this is running through my mind today as I start to think about another “big, big” birthday which is just around the corner on August 11th.

I don’t feel my age and I know sure as hell, I don’t act it! In fact, I love doing things that challenge me. I am never going to let my age define what I do. Today, I went to a Pilates class and then signed up to do two classes a week for the next month. I think my core needs some strengthening. I was significantly older than the rest of the class.

My daily wardrobe is now T-shirts and yoga leggings. I only get dressed up when I have to. Having my office at home gives me the opportunity to work with Hannah in my lap.

Besides, I might break out into a little dance jam to Bruno Mars for a pick me up!

I have spent the past eight weeks deep in the throes of learning new computer technology such as PowerPoint and ScreenFlow, so I can produce my online courses. This has not been an easy task. But I gotta tell you, I love the challenge. I always have been a bit of a geek.

So how can you break loose this week and drop that old fart mentality? Life’s too short cupcake. 

It’s time to  kick your heels up and have fun. That becomes more apparent as I start to lose friends. One girl I know, a little older than me, passed away yesterday which is really stirring my thoughts on enjoying life more.

Here’s the bomb! I think I’m ready for love again. A nice companion, who likes dogs and the same stuff I do. (Spirituality, crystals, chanting, traveling and maybe a little shopping) Is that too much to ask? I’m putting my order in to the Universe. Must be tall, handsome, good shape, young at heart and love dogs!  Between the ages of 65-75. Oh, and hair and teeth would be nice!

Maybe you know someone or your Dad does? Not kidding. ☺

This Birthday Girl is going to be busy. I am making my own fun. Off next week to Mystic CT with my glorious friend Lisa for a little retreat. Dinner with another girlfriend later in the week. Doing some special classes. Not buying myself anything because I already have everything I want.

The best gift I can get is to know that all of you are working on making yourselves happy.  This is way too important to put in the hands of others!


This week, I am on Coffee Talk with Soy. (I apologize the quality of the recording is not great but the content was good.) ——>Tune in HERE!

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