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Remembering Loved Ones

It was Memorial Day this past weekend and everywhere you looked or read there were posts about remembering our service men and women who gave their lives for their country. What mixed emotions for their families. They are so proud of their sacrifice and yet still feel the pain of their loss.

There is also remembering those that we loved who have passed. It can be a span of many years and you still feel the sadness. I went to the cemetery to plant flowers at my mother and father’s grave. I think it is also part of an old religious tradition that I was introduced to as a child when I would accompany my mother to my grandmother’s grave for Memorial Day and Christmas time. I have often joked that if I didn’t go lightning would probably strike my car or a tree close by me as a warning to get my ass over there.

Surprisingly when I got to the cemetery early Sunday morning, it was so busy. There were flags everywhere on the military graves and fresh flowers or plantings on so many others. I am so glad I went. However, I left feeling sad that they are no longer with me but I know they are always in my heart.

When I got home, I decided to meditate which stirred up more feelings of loss for my beautiful niece. I held a tiny little pillow in my hands for about thirty minutes that she gave me for her last Christmas before she died. It was so beautiful, I could feel her presence so close to me. My heart was exploding with love.

I realized something right then. What a beautiful spiritual practice this is to feel a deeper connection to a lost loved one. 

If you have someone you would like to “spiritually connect” with, hold a picture or an item that belonged to them.

Close your eyes and just feel the energy of the item in your hand.

Send your love to them.

Visualize a ray of light coming out of your heart and touching the item in your hand.

Embrace the stillness and allow your feelings of love to expand from your heart.

Just be open to anything you feel.

You may want to journal afterwards any thoughts or images that you experienced.

I had a powerful realization that my loved ones are very close to me and I should never feel alone. I may not be able to physically see them but my spiritual eyes can. 

I hope you will try this mediation. Be patient and practice.

I am a ray of love to all my friends and family

Journal Prompt: What emotions are emerging from your new meditation?

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