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Tap Into Your Awareness

It is probably not something you give much thought to but you should.

Awareness is everything and without it nothing happens. Janet Rigsby who teaches the lessons of the Pathworks said this the other day in an online class.

Until you can sit quietly and allow your awareness to just expand, you cannot have a deeper exploration of your experiences. You will not make positive changes in your life.

Last week I wrote about the experience of my heart being broken open. Feeling like I had a made a mistake in getting married. You know what I learned when I sat still and just listened after my divorce?

Maybe the mistake I made was not listening to my body/intuition early in the relationship.
Not trusting myself but instead dismissing my gut feeling and thinking I was being too sensitive.

When I think back, I was spot on with some of my concerns. My ego told me I was insecure but my body told me there was something very wrong going on.

Now I pay attention to everything that comes up for me when I am just being aware and allowing my thoughts and feelings to flow. I can see where I have tried to rationalize things, or when I have deceived myself. Being present allows me to drop any resistance to what is or has been and just get into a state of acceptance. The less resistance I feel, the more power I have to make different choices. Acceptance is such as freeing experience and leads to many more positive emotions.

I have discovered by being more aware, I am able to forgive. I am cutting the chords that keeps my heart attached to anything that no longer serves me or my future growth. I have been able to forgive the most painful experience of my life, the betrayal in my marriage. Honestly, it wasn’t easy. It took daily work to get to a place of peace in my mind and body. It breaks my heart to see so many women who are still consumed with anger from their divorces which may have happened years before. Carrying the anger and resentment will ultimately compromise your health. You are shutting down the possibility for future happiness.

I love this image with a quote from Mark Twain. Save it to your computer.

I was deeply touched by another woman’s comments the other day when I interviewed her for my podcast. She said “Mal, you look genuinely very happy with your life. I follow you on Facebook.”  I am happy. I love myself more today than I did before. I want the same thing for other women who have experienced divorce. As I said last week, your expectations/life may have changed but you are the same glorious soul. Nothing can take that away.

I received so many beautiful emails thanking me for being so honest about my own pain. It gave other women the courage to share what they are going through. I was deeply moved by their stories and have reached out personally to each one to talk.

I love this quote by Eckert Tolle “Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them.”

Here is your mantra for this week: I am fully aware today!

A great journaling prompt to go with it: What past experience is trying to control my present thoughts?


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