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Here is what others are saying about their work with me!

“You’ve made an incredible difference in my life Mal. I wouldn’t be feeling so great in my life if it wasn’t for your help and your belief in me. And I’m not sure if my words can ever express the gratitude that I have for your belief in me and your desire for helping me to see my own light,  become stronger and more independent. It means more to me than you’ll ever know.” Samreen

“Mal Duane was so warm and inspirational in her interview.  I really connected with her.  I need to appreciate and love myself more and I got the most out of Mal’s interview for doing this.  In particular, I related to the way Mal described going from pain to power, how we create our own suffering with our thinking (I’m not good enough!) and how we should shatter our limiting beliefs.  It is also a great idea of Mal’s to suggest we write a journal each day as we write the truth in it.”  Gillian Popineau.

“Sometimes women don’t take the time to go into ourselves in a healthy way so as to produce healthy and godly attitudes that will help us with our busy lives.  You will be in my prayers along with many women that I will be sharing this outreach to.  Not much impresses me but you and your vision does.”
–  TL

“The day I met Mal was a pivotal day in the start of my transformation. We were given a slip of paper to write something that we would like to rid ourselves of. I thought about it for a while. I wanted to get rid of my very low self-esteem that was instilled in me as child leaving me to overdose on my prescription medications when I couldn’t cope and also turning to cocaine then crack. Once it was over I shared it privately with Mal. She read it then we ripped it up & threw it in the ‘old shit bucket’. I have been clean since then with only one slip. I am still working on the 5 steps of becoming an Alpha Chick because I’m having a hard time with acceptance. Every day I feel more and more an Alpha Chick.”
– Gretchen

“Things are GREAT! I’ve found or refound my energy. The gratitude journal really helps! And I feel like I’m back on my stride. Thanks to Alpha Chick Power!”
– Debbie C.

‎”‘That I was a hopeless romantic with low self-esteem. Wow, how insightful.’ that line hit me physically as well as emotionally. The jolt even surprised me! There is something in this book that makes me want to read it. Hard to put down…not sure I’m ready for this but think I need it. I’m pushing it aside and it pulls me back…going to take my time.”
– K.C.

“When I first met Mal, I was in such emotional pain. She spoke to me and I was immediately touched by her words, her transparency. She is so real, so compassionate. I felt there was no judgment on her part of my situation. She really helped me to start to understand my pain and to feel better. I feel like she is a gift from God.”
– Rachel A

“Ladies, put down that “Shades of grey” you’re reading and get a copy of “Alpha Chick”…what an eye-opening and mind-opening read and practice…thank you for sharing & writing, it Mal!” – Jennifer

You inspire me so much, that even though things aren’t going so well at this time in my life you have given me the power of my mind to believe that I am going to be ok, and I am actually staying positive because I am worth it, and for all of this I just wanted to say thank you. I’ve also been keeping a journal and have come to realize the injunctions I had dealt with growing up as well as all the abuse I’ve endured wasn’t my fault, however I do take full responsibility for all of actions and I believe this has all made me a better person and through time will make me an even better know, and then when the time is right I will meet that wonderful man. Thanks again Mal…”
– Maria

“I am letting you know what is going on because you have helped guide me along my path, and were more than willing to help and I’am so forever grateful to you. You are one of the top reasons I had decided to not give up when the going got tough, and I would like to thank you for all of your kindness, empathy, advice, and inspiration.”
–   Stephanie Saya

“The excellent thing that I am getting from it is to ask myself questions on particular aspects and answer them with my whole heart.  This is a grand tool to use and for women especially because we sometimes don’t take the time to go into ourselves in a healthy way so as to produce healthy and godly attitudes that will help us with our busy lives, with our friends and family, also at work.  Women must be eating this up like passion fruit because I know that I am.  I will continue to study in the mornings, as I do, but I will add quite a bit more to it from your ‘Alpha Chicks’ Action Guide.”
– Tanya E. Parton

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You put into words some of the heartache I feel so deep in my soul. I am grateful that I have found you. I am on my way to healing because of your work and willingness to step forward and shine a beautiful light.”
– Melissa

“I’m so grateful to have had an opportunity to meet the fabulous and talented Mal Duane at a recent conference we both attended. I was struggling with something deeply personal and decided to share it with Mal to get her feedback. She delivers sage advice with motherly compassion perfectly combined with the bad ass energy of a great girlfriend.”
– Denise

“Her guidance was sensitive and actionable – I used it today to feel more confident in three interviews I did for national media outlets just today.”
–  Denise

“There is so much to appreciate about you that I hardly know where to start. In an hour conversation you are witty and wise, supportive and challenging, warm and honest… and so much more. What makes you unique is your ability to share your own life experiences with such honest emotion and self-forgiveness. You can reach down into another’s heart, help her see the innate goodness and find a path out of the chaos. It never feels like judgmental or preachy but instead like talking to a dear friend who believes in you and truly wants the best for you.”
– Susan

“Thanks. That was the deepest and most revealing multi-guest Telesummit I’ve been on to date. What a remarkable journey you’ve been on. Blessings”
– Brenda Adelman

“Your website and work stands out to me as being very inspiring and interesting. It’s clear that you are making a difference to many women’s lives and business owners.”
– Placida