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Today is My Wedding Anniversary – and I’m Not Married.

This is still a day of emotional struggle for me. I am sitting quietly contemplating the events that unfolded in my marriage that brought me such deep pain. I recognize that my heart was broken wide open again, (it’s happened before- it’s part of life’s plan) but now I understand more about myself.

My job is not to figure out other people or why they do things but to continue to learn how I can grow and what I can do to help others who may experience similar pain. There are many women out there in my shoes.

I recognize that my heart is stronger now and has a greater capacity to hold love for all those who identify with me. Divorce is depilating but it’s up to you to get back up. It is so painful. Danielle Laporte in her new book “White Hot Truth” describes divorce like “having my bones broken very, very slowly, one limb after the next and then each rib-which made it difficult to breath for a long time.  I think that pretty much says it all.

It doesn’t make any difference if you asked for the divorce or not, the fall out is the same.

The most important part of this piece is you that have the ability to heal you!

There are many practices you can put into play that will ease your pain and bring you peace over time. I know because I did them daily. I am not claiming that I still don’t feel pain from time to time, I just have a better perspective about it. I admit I am still healing but feel I have made tremendous progress.

My anniversary gift to you or someone you know is to join me on a FREE Conference Call to discuss how to get back up emotionally and move on with your life. It will be Saturday morning at 11 AM EDT/8:00 PST. I am hoping that is a convenient time for most women.

Please call 712-770-4010  Access Code 752297

I know in this shattered heart of mine that I am here to teach. To help women get back up from whatever knocks them down. Please join me Saturday morning. I can only bring you love!

From one brave heart to another,

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