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Transformation Is A Journey

Journaling Is Powerful

When we set out on a journey, it takes more than one step to create a path.  It takes many steps and a commitment to keep moving forward. Transforming your life requires the same commitment and action steps forward. A wonderful tool for self-discovery and building action steps is journaling.

Journaling allows your authentic self to step forward and remove the dark shadows of living under other’s expectations. You can rebirth the voice of your true expression without fear. I personally find it so liberating to write exactly how I feel. It helps me develop clarity as to what I really want to attract into my life.

Five of my favorite journaling questions to stimulate my writing are:

1. What can I let go of today that will release any limitations I may be feeling?

2. Why is this person or situation causing me to feel negative about myself?

3. Are other people’s opinions or perceptions controlling what I feel today?

4. What inspired action could I take to change the situation?

5. What is my vision for how I want things to be?

Allow a little time daily for self- exploration and opening your intuition to the answers hidden within your consciousness. Try for several days and let me know if your perception starts to shift and a more positive and powerful you begins to emerge.

Live Faithfully.

Mal Duane
Alpha Chick

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