Get Ready for a Life-Changing Transformation and Join Mal for a Platinum VIP Day!

Just you and Mal, on a deep, face to face spiritual awakening, with no distractions to take you away from the business of creating the life you’ve always wanted.

Dear Resilient, Brave, and Beautiful Soul, 

Thank you for showing up for yourself.

You are amazing, and you need to start loving your life!

You deserve a life of joy, passion, purpose, and inner peace…where you’re fully healed from past trauma, guilt, and shame, and able to thrive.

But sometimes you don’t want to wait months! Sometimes you want to fast-forward and amazing NOW! If so, the VIP experience is for YOU!

The truth is, it’s difficult to make changes in the midst of our everyday environment.

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Restoration and re-creation sometimes require RETREAT.

Sometimes we have to put happiness at the very TOP of our to-do list and MAKE THE TIME!

It’s in that commitment, that willingness to do something different that new life is given the chance to take shape. Away from distraction. Away from obligation, with nothing to focus on but coming back to LIFE!

Maybe you’re stuck in a place where you think a life like that is out of your reach. But I want to tell you that it isn’t.

I’ve devoted my career to working with beautiful souls who’ve been through some stuff, and I’ve seen them come out the other side stronger and better than ever!  

Whether it was a divorce, addiction, deep sadness, or some other life setback - It doesn’t really matter because I only work with women who are ready to HEAL… to release the negativity and feelings of failure that have been a part of their reality for far too long, and reclaim the TRUTH of who they are!

So…is that you?

Are you a woman who is ready to write a NEW story… one where you get to live as the person you REALLY want to be?

Are you’re ready to put your “stuff” behind you, and RECLAIM your life?

I know the prospect sounds scary!  I’ve been in your shoes.  I have battled addiction, deep depression, failed marriage, and the loss of loved ones. In fact, I have probably made every mistake a woman can make. I’ve been consumed with guilt and shame.

Yet I don’t let any of that hold me back now. I know my worth as a woman and I live a life filled with purpose.

And I want you to know something… you know that life you dream of?

That woman you’ve always wanted to be?  

That “best and brightest” version of you?

Well, that’s what you’re made of!  It’s in your DNA!

That’s why, deep in your core, you want it so bad – because you were literally born to become it!

That’s where your Platinum VIP Day comes in.

A day completely dedicated to YOU and YOUR hopes and dreams.

A day devoted to helping you break free of guilt, shame, and regret once and for all!

A day that ends with you feeling like a million bucks and holding in your hand a concrete,        customized plan to GET WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE




Empowered JOY.

It’s all yours for the taking and together, in one beautiful deep-dive day, we are going to make miracles for you!

“When I first met Mal, I was in such emotional pain. She spoke to me and I was immediately touched by her words, her transparency. She is so real, so compassionate. I felt there was no judgment on her part of my situation. She really helped me to start to understand my pain and to feel better. I feel like she is a gift from God. “     - Rachel A.

“You've made an incredible difference in my life, Mal. I wouldn't be feeling so great if it wasn't for your help and your belief in me. I'm not sure if my words can ever express the gratitude that I have for your belief in me and your desire for helping me to see my own light, become stronger and more independent. It means more to me than you'll ever know.”  -  Sam

“Mal, there is so much to appreciate about you that I hardly know where to start. In our coaching together, you are witty and wise, supportive and challenging, warm and honest... and so much more. I think what makes you unique is your ability to share your own life experiences with such honest emotion and self-forgiveness. You can reach down into another’s heart, help her see the innate goodness, and find a path out of the chaos. It never feels like judgmental or preachy but instead like talking to a dear friend who believes in you and truly wants the best for you.”  - Susan

Here’s what to expect after you arrive at my personal residence, a haven that is a sacred container for you to shed the layers of the past that no longer serve you and step into your full feminine divinity and power!

  • Create Your New Emotional Architecture 

We’ll work together to create a new belief system that teaches you to rewire yourself emotionally, so you can release the inner dialogue of “I’m not good enough.” We’ll find the lesson in everything that has happened, and develop a spiritual practice that supports your long-term growth.  

  • Get Your Mind, Body and Soul in Alignment 

Once we’ve built a foundation, we’ll get your feelings, intentions and thoughts in sync and help you to know your full worth and start living from the inside out. You’ll become the most powerful and energetically balanced YOU, understanding how to use your energy centers as powerful magnets for your goals and dreams.

  • Create the Prosperity and Love You are Meant to Have

The next phase is designing exactly what you want in your life, learning how to create the vision for a new business or job, and getting perfect clarity to attract your twin flame.It won’t all be work though! We’ll enjoy a healthy, nurturing lunch together PLUS we will do a delicious gourmet dinner the night before your VIP. When you are finished, you will leave with a beautiful journal to record your ongoing transformation, a Burmese Wood candle and a customized meditation practice to support your mind, body and soul alignment. 

Not Able to Travel? 

NO problem!

I understand that sometimes it’s not possible to get away, but that should never stop you from getting the transformation you need!

That’s why the VIP experience is now available by phone and skype. Together we will move through the same journey as the in-person package, to create the same life-altering change you’re so ready for!  

My dear, it’s time for you to step into your future!

You’ve given enough of your years away to pain and disappointment.

What are you going to do THIS year?

Grab a Platinum VIP Day before the available slots disappear.

Click below to set up a time to chat and make sure this program is right for you! 

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Here’s to your new beginning!


“From realizing the value of living intentionally to making the law of attraction work in your life, Mal spells out in clear and compelling step by step fashion, a remarkable formula for transforming any life that may be characterized by struggle, suffering, and the tragic consequences of low self-esteem to one of self-respect and positive expectation.” - Dr. Joseph Rubino 

“It is so easy to talk with Mal.  She is genuine in her curiosity and supportive in her reflections.  Mal is a gift to those who are working to improve their soul, their path, and their purpose.” - Jennifer Ward-Maseda, Executive Producer, Woman2Woman TV

PLUS! Receive these gifts when you sign up! 

  • A FREE copy of my award-winning book "Alpha Chick"

  • The Life Recovery Formula Audio Class and Workbook ($247 value) shows you the importance of self-love and inner happiness for creating real success. 

  • Living With Intention Video Class and Worksheets ($247 value) guides you to the quickest way to become a deliberate creator and manifest your heart's desires. 

  • The Sisterhood Law of Attraction Journal ($47 value).  This journal takes you through the Five Perspectives of Life: Focus, Awareness, Intention, Thoughts and Healing.  Journaling prompts help you to uncover any remaining internal suffering and lead you to your feminine divinity. 

Financial Investment 





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