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Ladies, it’s time to Remove the Veils of Pain, Shame and Self-Doubt
that are
Smothering Your Inner Light!

Image for Coaching PageYou’ve spent long enough hidden behind the layers of energetic veils that separate you from the truth of who you are. You’ve been viewing life from behind the safety of these energetic veils but the reality is the more layers you have created the less of your inner light can shine thru.

It’s time for you to fully release the deep pain, shame and regret of past actions, traumas and self-judgment that leave you feeling disconnected from the truth of who you are!  Holding on to the energetic layers of guilt, shame and self-condemnation keep you from stepping through the veil to the truth of who you are – a radiant, divine woman of strength, love and wisdom who deserves to live a life of joy, love and inner peace.

Symptoms that You are Disconnected from Your Truth…

  • You feel smothered by the debris of emotional wounds that have occurred from childhood trauma, broken relationships, addiction or divorce.
  • Underneath the ‘happy’ mask you wear each day, the truth is you feel a sense of sadness, self-doubt and unfulfillment that leaves you feeling like a fraud.
  • You struggle with the false belief that you do not deserve to be happy due to past behaviors and mistakes.
  • You give, give give until you are an empty vessel leaving you feeling depleted, overwhelmed and resentful.
  • Your life is a pattern of self-sabotaging behaviors … appearing as a relationship, money, addiction or other self-sabotaging issue
  • Your self-worth is tied into the validation of others putting you on a never-ending self-worth rollercoaster
  • You consistently feel scattered, overwhelmed and energetically disconnected from the present moment (either ruminating in the past or worrying about the future)
  • You are unable to clearly define what you want  (goals, desires, intention) leaving you unable to move forward in creating change in your life.

Feeling a little uncomfortable at this moment?  Did one or more of the symptoms above resonate with your inner truth?  It’s time to listen to your truth/inner essence instead of the self-sabotaging fears and negative scripts that have been running (and sabotaging) the vision you hold for your life.

I’ve Been There…

I’ve been in the trenches ladies and I know what life is like on both sides of the veil and let me tell you from personal experience – when you do the inner work to release those energetic layers of shame, pain and self-doubt – miracles happen.  I’m living proof!

The woman you see today, Life Recovery Coach, best-selling author, owner of a multi-million dollar real estate business that I built from scratch – isn’t the woman I’ve always been. Far from it!

mal_olegI know from intimate experience what it feels like to ‘live a lie’, ‘feel smothered by your pain and negative self-talk’ and ‘feel disconnected from the essence of who you are’.  You see, many years ago, from the outside looking in I seemingly ‘had it all’ and was living the ideal life.  I showed champion horses, traveled the world as a model with names such as Oleg Cassini, lived the high life, partied and was seen in all the ‘right’ places.

I was living a lie. The truth was that I was using alcohol to smother and mask the shame, regrets, and self-condemnation that I carried deep within me. As my alcoholism took on a life of its own my seemingly perfect life began spiraling out of control.  I was becoming more disconnected from my truth each day as layers and layers of pain and shame continued to smother my true essence.

Until a December day twenty-five years ago, laying in the fetal position on my bed I experienced a powerful inner knowing that that I was going to die if I continued on the self-destructive path that I was on.  As I laid there, my body and soul racked with pain I was suddenly overcome by a sudden wave of inner peace. In that moment I heard a loving message from my soul… “You are going to survive and have an amazing life but you have much work to do and lessons to learn. Once you’ve mastered the lessons it will be your mission to teach others.”  That day I took back my life, and did the inner work to rediscover and reconnect to the truth of who I am. My journey and the transformational inner work that I’ve done over the last twenty-five years led to the creation of the five powerful steps I use in my work with women today.

Flash forward to today…  in honoring with my soul’s purpose, today I work with heart-centered women like you, supporting them in stepping through the layers of energetic veils of pain, shame and self-condemnation so they too can live their truth. I’ve walked the walk and intimately understand the feelings, fears and shame that are holding you back from living authentically.

In the intimate work I do with my clients I share the same proven five step process that I used to transform my own life. Let’s get to know each other. Apply for a 30 minute Discovery Session today to learn how I can support you in stepping through the layers of veils holding you back. If you are selected, there is a $47 investment when scheduling your Discovery Session which is the first step to discovering if we are a match for deeper, more intimate coaching packages.


Stepping Through the Veil

It’s time to experience life on the other side of the veil.  You’ve been peeking out from behind the veils for long enough it’s time to STEP through to the other side. Many woman have shared that they had received numerous inner nudges and glimpses of what their life could be like on the other side but they felt frozen in fear or stuck in what was because they couldn’t see the ‘how’s.

Sound familiar?  What if you had a supportive guide to walk you through the steps and how-to’s and support you in stepping through the veils to the life you envision?  A compassionate guide who has walked the path before you and holds the space for you to step into your greatest truth.

Allow Me to Support You in…

  • Shattering your limiting beliefs.
  • Rediscovering and connecting with your true passion and how to integrate it into your life.
  • Opening your heart and allowing self-love, self-compassion and peace to transform it and your life.
  • Identifying and owning your true potentialand supporting you in living   from that truth.
  • Discovering the power of choice and guiding you in seeing how each decision you make either brings you closer to your truth or further away.
  • Identifying where change is needed in your life and implementing the conscious action steps to move forward.
  • Learning how to reconnect with and trust your inner wisdom.
  • Accepting the truth that you are NOT the mistakes of your past but a woman who is meant to live a life of passion, purpose and joy.
  • Learning the proven five step process that incorporates spirituality, self-discovery and living with intention.

Deep down you’ve always known there was another way to experience and live life. You’ve often dreamed of what your life could look like if only you could… move through your fears, break through limiting beliefs, release the shackles of shame and self-judgment and find the tools and support to guide your on your journey.  There is another way!

Let’s Discuss the Possibilities

mal_largeAre you ready to remove the layers of energetic veils holding you back? Ready to break through your self-perceived fears to create and live the life you desire and deserve? Take the first step in moving forward by applying for a 30 minute Discovery Session which is the first step in working together on a deeper, more intimate level

Apply for your 30 minute Discovery Session with me today. You will receive a brief online questionnaire and the ‘Circle of Personal Perception’ worksheet that asks you to share how happy you are in each area of your life. This will help me determine if we are a good fit, and we will review those insights during our Discovery Session.  If you are selected, there is a $47 investment when scheduling your Discovery Session which will be applied to a coaching package when you decide to move forward.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey of healing and self-discovery.


Mal Duane