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You Are Never Too Old!

I have been deeply touched by the recent movement of women coming together to speak their truth about equal rights and ending sexual and physical abuse.  Sadly, the politics in our country have stirred massive fear and anger in the female population. I just wish we all had started being so proactive years ago rather than reacting to a specific ideology and commentary. I love how they expressed themselves in so many creative ways, sharing what was in their hearts with the world.

Honestly, as I age I become less concerned with what others think and I am more focused on my own evaluation. Having been a major people pleaser, forgoing my own dreams and self-worth for the approval of others has come to an end. I don’t care what other people think of me. Everything I do has the intention of love, laughter and giving in some way. If that stirs something negative in someone else, I think they need to look at their own sh*t and figure it out.

The more playful and free I am, the younger I feel. I love laughing at me. I dress up with my dog, and post funny pictures to Facebook. I live in hot pink and orange clothing because it perks me up. Somebody might think I am a little demented but I am having a blast.

Today I am going out with my pink pussy hat. This ought to stir some commentary. Who says I can’t wear one? As I said before, you are never too old. I’m going to a dance class where the women are half my age. I can kick and bend with the best of them.

How about Tom Brady, the quarterback for the New England Patriots coming back from the impossible in Super Bowl? He is 39 years old which is considered old for the position. He never stopped believing in himself or his team. He has worked hard to keep himself so physically fit. He doesn’t think he is old and he competes with the best.

A healthy mindset works for both men and women!

I love bringing positive energy and encouraging people to be and do more!

Have a rock star day!

Sending you big love,
Mal Duane

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