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Do Resolutions Really Work

Why do you set yourself up for failure by making resolutions every December 31st? The definition of the word resolution alone is a little bit of a tip off. It says a resolution is finding a solution to a problem or making a decision to do something. The two kick in the ass words here are problem and decision. When you focus on solving a problem rather than preferred actions for a solution, you get more problems.

The second issue is decision. You  make decisions all day long and then you change your mind five minutes later. But when you have an intention, now you are putting your heart and soul  behind something. Intentions are powerful magnets which attract that which they desire.

In 1988, my intention was to stop drinking or I probably would die. My vision was to live a sober life, step up and claim the life I was meant to have. Anesthetizing myself daily so I couldn’t feel the pain of self-loathing and condemnation wasn’t working anymore. I had come to the threshold  of death and ready to pass through. It was real, it was scary and it was so close. In a split second, my mind went from the pain and the problem to the intention of loving myself enough to want to live and get sober. That split second was twenty eight years ago. I’m still living with intention today.

I have learned to really create what you want you need to put your soul behind it and not your head. Resolutions come from the head and are associated with depriving yourself which creates negative emotions.  Your emotions are the gateway to your subconscious mind.Resolutions lack the commitment of intentions. You  might say they are equal to a goal which are great for your business but not necessarily for changing habitual behavior. You need to access your subconscious to create the desired change.
So why create resolutions which create an internal struggle for yourself? Your ego resides in your head which doesn’t like being uncomfortable is telling you to stop something but it is attached to the repetitive actions. The struggle between the ego and your subconscious mind which is driven by your heart makes you feel uncomfortable. 

You know what happens when you feel uncomfortable. You stop what you are doing. There goes your new resolution out the window 48-72 hours after you created it.

I am suggesting this year you start with an intention worksheet for what you want. You can get a free one off my website. It is part of the Life Recovery Guide. Just put in your email at Mal Duane Coach. Get the sheet and start too visualize the positive actions that you are striving to achieve. In fact repeat that visualization every morning and night. Maybe even journal about how good it feels to living the way you envision the change you desire. Daily take action steps that support your intention. The more you do this, the better you will feel. That’s the secret sauce here.

How you feel determines your success. Feeling good means mind body and soul are in alignment with your proposed intention.

Try setting intentions they new Year’s and jump on over to Facebook at Mal Duane Coach 
and let me know how you are doing.

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