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The Role of Helping Others

A Q&A with Mal Duane. Interviewed by Andrew Mondia, founder of The Pear Shaped View  Andrew Mondia: What is your view in the role of helping others? Mal Duane: I feel in life that helping others to heal and to live life with joy is a key part of why we are here. There is a universal law [Read More…]

Defining Your Spiritual Practice

A Q&A with Mal Duane. Interviewed by Andrew Mondia, founder of The Pear Shaped View  Andrew:  How can different forms of Spiritual practice helps others and what ones do you find help you? Mal: I use meditation, prayer and journaling every day to become centered in my higher consciousness. A spiritual practice is something that you [Read More…]

Motivation Tips For Your Gratitude Journal

Q&A with Mal Duane as asked by Sue Ingebretson, founder of Rebuilding Wellness and author of FibroWHYalgia Sue Ingebretson: How do I keep clients (or myself) motivated to continue with gratitude journals? Mal Duane:  To continue to stay motivated to write in your gratitude journal I suggest that you put the journal in a very [Read More…]

Women in Business and Self Love

Q&A with Mal Duane as asked by Charly Leetham, Founder of Ask Charly Leetham Charly Leetham: Tell me about Women, Self Love and being in business for themselves.  What should Women consider? Mal Duane: Self-love is a very important component to a woman’s success in her personal and private life. If we do not honor [Read More…]

Why Did Your Write Alpha Chick? A Q&A with Mal Duane

A Q&A with Mal Duane. Interviewed by D’Vorah Lansky, Best Selling Author and founder of Authors Marketing Circle. D’Vorah:  I would love to ask you about your book. I think our listeners would be quite interested in your journey, and the topic of your book. Mal:  D’vorah, the book is to teach women how to [Read More…]